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Wow gardens and retirement in Grecia

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retirement in Grecia

The year-round spring-like weather and the volcanoes are the best ingredients for an entertaining retirement. Are you wondering what you are going to do with all that free time when you retire? Gardening is a great option, isn’t it? Therefore, wow gardens and retirement in Grecia are a perfect fit.

Costa Rica is the country of the eternal spring. Even when it rains you can work in your garden. AND, Grecia is the utmost location for gardening because it’s located in the foothills of the Poás Volcano.

If you go through our inventory of Grecia homes for sale, you will find that most homes for sale with a large enough garden start at about $200,000. If you pay a little more, you can even get some nice acreage. So if you are looking to acquire some land with a nice home on it, Grecia is the place to be.

Amazingly enough, few homes for retirement in Grecia that we have for sale have a nice garden, but they all have a huge potential.

Nonetheless, that’s exactly the attraction to them. We say that in Costa Rica, you just stick it in the ground and it grows. In Costa Rica, we don’t have 4 seasons, only two: the dry season and the rainy season. This is a huge help to getting and keeping a great garden.


Gardening is a fantastic retirement hobby unless you prefer zapping for the rest of your life. What can gardening do for you?

• Gardening keeps you active, which in turn keeps you in great shape during your retirement in Grecia.

Wow gardens and retirement in Grecia
A large garden in Grecia that offers plenty of options

• The products that you can grow will allow you a much healthier diet.

• Gardening leads to social networking with those who also enjoy this great hobby.

• Growing your own lettuce and other vegetables will save you a lot of money in the grocery store.

Wow gardens and retirement in Grecia
Don’t plant too much

• It’s nice to be able to have fresh flowers in the house every day.

• Imagine being able to have fresh fruits for breakfast every day. And not to mention all the fruit juice that you want.

• If you’re a smart planner, you can divide your garden into several sections and have a bit of everything.

Wow gardens and retirement in Grecia
You can grow ornamental plants

What to grow

You can grow ornamental plants or your own kitchen herbs and medicinal plants. You can plant native trees or fruit trees. Be aware that fruit trees usually bear lots of fruit. Don’t grow more than 1 mango tree because soon you won’t know what to do with all those mangoes. That goes for every fruit you can imagine. Unless you plan to sell fruits on the farmer’s market every week.

You can attract lots of birds and butterflies to your gardens if you grow the right type of plants and flowers.

Wow gardens and retirement in Grecia
You can plant native trees

The hard work

The advantage of retirement in Grecia and keeping a garden is the fact that having a gardener is affordable. For little money, you can have your local gardener do all the heavy work, while you just do the fun stuff.

Lush gardens

I know lots of people who start planting a lot but things grow fast on the slopes of Poás. Before you know it, you are the proud owner of a lush garden or even a tropical jungle. We had some beautiful Bougainvillea in our yard and we let it grow. Before we knew it, we had to cut it all down because it took almost half our garden.

Wow gardens and retirement in Grecia
There are many choices of palm trees

Many farmers

The area of Grecia is the largest agricultural area with the largest amount of small farmers west of San Jose. In Grecia, 3969 hectares (almost 10,000 acres) are in production by 540 small farmers.

Grecia is ideal because it is so close to the large markets in the Central Valley and is very accessible by a decent road network.

Wow gardens and retirement in Grecia
You can grow your own herbs and medicinal plants

Fertile soil and rainfall

There is so much agricultural production in the area of Grecia because the soil is volcanic. Not only are the mountains of Grecia a perfect location to grow coffee, but the soil is also fertile enough and has a naturally perfect climate.

The average annual rainfall is about 2,600 mm, with a fairly uniform distribution during the rainy season of approximately seven months, from May to November, and a fairly defined dry season, from December to April.

The best crops in Grecia are between 1,200 and 1,800 feet.

Wow gardens and retirement in Grecia
You can plant fruit trees too


Grecia has plenty of water and even supplies Atenas with potable water. The population of Grecia is not really happy with that and they have been trying to stop the supply to Atenas for years.

Where to buy

  • You can purchase seeds to grow your own vegetables at Distribuidora Agrocomercial S.A. Grecia, phone 2494-9800.
  • Where to purchase the plants and trees for your wow gardens that will assure you of happy retirement in Grecia? In La Garita de Alajuela, your last turnoff before the airport, there are many garden centers and nurseries. I think the best choice is Vivero La Flora, phone 2487 – 7625, as they have all the options I have shown in the images in this article.
  • To buy a house with a garden in Grecia, contact our GoDutch agent, Brooke Bishop.
Wow gardens and retirement in Grecia
Do you think that you can enjoy a garden like this?

Feel free to leave your comments on this blog.

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  • Tom Rosenberger

    16 April, 2017 at 7:41 am

    Wow! Lot’s of useful gardening info in this article.
    You wrote; “Gardening is a fantastic retirement hobby, unless you prefer zapping for the rest of your life.”
    I want to thank you for helping me learn something new everyday.
    I Googled “zapping” I found out that it means “channel surfing.”

    • Ivo Henfling

      22 April, 2017 at 12:46 pm

      That’s one thing you won’t do when you retire Tom!


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