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5 Costa Rican Vacation Essentials to Pack

5 Costa Rican Vacation Essentials to PackTo spend your vacation with no worries, it’s important to think about your vacation essentials. Costa Rica is a land of many wonders. From nature and welcoming people to adventurous activities, good food, and plenty of heritage and culture, there is something here for every visitor.

Moreover, the fact that the country shares a coastline with both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean gives it a unique disposition. Especially when it comes to the diverse flora and fauna found throughout this incredible country.

A trip to Costa Rica, however, requires a bit of pre-planning. It is one of the premier tourist spots in Central America, and very much like the many exciting destinations in Mexico, which is another nearby holiday destination, it pays to be prepared beforehand.

By paying attention to the 5 vacation essentials in this blog, you will be able to enjoy your vacation at the max. Besides the apparent beachwear, sunglasses, and suntan lotion that you will definitely need, here are 5 essentials worth packing for that perfect Costa Rican holiday.


One of the best things about Costa Rica is its varied topography. However, to really appreciate the country’s beauty, you need to go deep inside its forests and climb the mountains. For this reason, one of the vacation essentials you must pack is a good pair of walking shoes. Add to that a raincoat, as with tropical climate you never know when and where it might start to rain.

Sustainable Products

Costa Rica is one of the happiest and greenest places in the entire world. Locals have achieved this by being one with nature and respecting it. The country has furthermore gone ahead and set a goal of achieving zero carbon emissions over the next 30 years.

As a tourist, you can contribute to the goal. You can pack vacation essentials such as reusable straws, a metal water bottle, and avoid plastic bags. Let alone that these practices are good for the environment of the planet anyway.

5 Costa Rican Vacation Essentials to Pack


Unknown to many, gambling in casinos is legal in Costa Rica. The casinos here tend to be small and with limited games and tables though. Therefore, a good option for travelers is to install an online casino before arrival, as it lets you play all the fun money-making games while touring the country. The best part is that you can be sitting on the beach while playing slots, poker, blackjack, or bingo.

Bug Spray

There are a few countries around the world where a bug spray is not just a precaution but one of the 5 vacation essentials. Make sure you pack a bug spray and use it every day and night.


Although most hotels and resorts accept credit cards, once you are out in the countryside, cash is the best way to go. Moreover, ATMs are few and far between as soon as you leave the main cities. So, always carry enough cash with you for food and unexpected emergencies.

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