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Costa Rica culture | do we have any

Costa Rica culture | do we have anyLots of expats just moving to Costa Rica don’t know if we have any culture in Costa Rica or not. Costa Rica real estate agent Margaret Sohn told me she was invited by a friend to go to the Nutcracker ballet by P.I. Tchaikovsky and sent me an email after the show “It was fantastic last night. 

And interestingly, the woman I was given a ride home by had spent a lot of time in Russia and said the male lead was the best male dancer she has seen. We are so lucky here to have quality artist (especially the symphony) basically cheap.”

Costarican ballet choreographers Patricia Carreras and Maria Amalia Pendones have auditioned 150 children for the Nutcracker ballet from all over Costa Rica in the Classical Russian Ballet School in La Uruca, San José, to be able to put together the 2011 production.

Carreras and Pendones had already proven success and had the opportunity to offer this cultural event for the entire country in 2008 and 2009. In the latter, they established a relationship with former soloist and former Artistic Director of the American Ballet Theater in New York, Wes Chapman.



The choreographer’s objective to put this Costa Rica ballet of world class together with children coming from all over Costa Rica were

1. Establish an artistic event that can be repeated every year that will have an impact on the national cultural level with the participation of youth and children as well as advanced students of ballet and dance.

2. To strengthen the working relationship with the ABT in New York and the school (Jackie Kennedy Onassis School of ballet) so as to continue to contribute to the cultural exchange in the arts between Costa Rica and the United States.

3. Expand the “social” and “territorial basis” of participation of young talent in dance, inviting and including young people from all areas of the country so that dance can be appreciated through participation as a performer and as an audience.


Ballet in Costa Rica


4. Create more performing arts and culture, especially ballet, so as to spread the appreciation and enjoyment of dance between generations and establishing cultural alternatives.

5. Broaden audience participation that expands cultural appreciation and creates a future audience for the performing arts.

When and where is the ballet?

From December 4th – 11th 2011 (though it started on the 1st) you can enjoy this wonderful cultural event in the National Theatre on Second Avenue (across from the Gran Hotel Costa Rica)
Donations will be received by the foundation through different levels of “patronage” to be determined according to the amount pledged. The fundraising goal is $40,000. Contribution and donors will have access to regular progress reports. Patrons will also have the opportunity to meet with the Project Directors and attend rehearsals by invitation.


For more information on the Nutcracker ballet call 2207-2025


It is incredible how much attention ballet and dancing is getting throughout the country. The performers and dancers come from the many different communities in and outside the Central Valley.

For more information on the Nutcracker ballet call 2207-2025.

Theatre in English

Ballet is not the only culture Costa Rica has to offer for English spoken. Don’t forget The Little Theatre Group will have their next performance “Deck the Halls” on December 11th. For those who live in Costa Rica and like to go to the theatre and don’t understand Spanish, this is the solution.

In years past the English spoken Little Theatre group has used its annual Christmas concert to entertain and to raise funds for one of its favorite charities, the Tom and Norman Home in Guápiles, and this year will be no exception. The Tom and Norman Home was established some years ago in Guápiles to provide shelter for abandoned seniors. Charitable donations are its main source of income.


The Little Theater Group Costa Rica


A merry band of carolers will invite the audience to join them as they bring to life, with pleasing and colorful harmonies, their favorite songs of the season. The hall will be decked with crystal concert performances by such musical talents as Manuel Matarrita, Ernesto Rodriguez, Stacy Chamblin, and Silvia Schneegans, while gaily wrapped gifts of wit and sentiment will be revealed, in time-honoured fashion, by such LTG stalwarts as Ann Antikiw, Caroline Kennedy, Kevin Huey and Steve Friedman.

Under the direction of Annette Hallett, this year’s concert promises to provide a delightful opening to the festive season, and we hope that everyone will get their “jolly” on and join us.

This is a one-time only performance so, although tickets will be on sale at the box office, you are advised to reserve your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Sunday December 11th 2011 @ 3:30pm. Teatro Laurence Olivier, Av.2, Calle28.

Reservations can be made through their website or Telephone 8858-1456

For other cultural events in Costa Rica

The National Theatre’s website in Spanish.

The National Symphony Orchestra website in Spanish or hook up on their Facebook

The Ministry of Culture and Youth in Spanish but most of the events are hooked up to their Facebook so you can just become friends with them on Facebook and that will keep you up to date with most cultural events that will be coming up.  

The Melico Salazar Theatre also has its own Facebook page. I hope you take advantage of so much culture in this beautiful country and the option of connecting through Facebook.

If you would like to know more about buying a property in Costa Rica and being able to enjoy the culture, ballet or theatre, contact us now.

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