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2 Powerful Reasons Your Business Should Use Solar Energy

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2 Powerful Reasons Your Business Should Use Solar Energy

If you have a business anywhere in Costa Rica, you could be using solar energy.

As a business owner, your success relies on giving your customers what they want. Their needs are what puts you in business and make you thrive as a company. Did you know that over 80% of consumers care about the sustainability of the products and services they pay for?

You could consider a new upgrade to your business. One that helps both your bottom line and the environment at the same time. We’re talking about investing in solar energy if you have a business in Costa Rica.

Q Costa Rica states:

Costa Rica has been able to generate 97.14% of its electricity from renewable sources in the first quarter of the year, according to the Central Nacional de Control de Energia (National Energy Control Centre).

Hydroelectric (water) is at the top of the generation source, with 65.2%; followed by wind with 15.6%; geothermal with 13.7%; biomass with 2.2%; and solar with only 0.2%, but growing.

Did you know that 41% of consumers are “value-driven” and looking for something that aligns with their values? In this case, that means reducing environmental impact. 57% Of consumers—or, over half of your client base—are willing to change their purchasing habits if it means helping the environment. An additional 71% of buyers claim that traceability influences their purchasing decisions.

With that being, we dive into three significant reasons you need solar power below. Let’s go.

1. A Positive Environmental Impact

Many people upgrade to solar for its efficiency and its eco-friendliness. Several studies observe how solar panels benefit not just the individual but also the community as a whole.

One recent study showed various health and environmental benefits of solar, such as:

  • Reduced water scarcity,
  • Better health outcomes by reducing pollutants,
  • A significant reduction in our carbon footprint, saving billions of dollars in climate change damages,
  • A decrease in air pollution, resulting in billions of dollars saved in environmental and health damages.

2 Powerful Reasons Your Business Should Use Solar Energy

2. Lower Energy Costs

Any business owner wants to lower the cost of their operations in more efficient ways. Using solar energy is something that checks this box.

According to Blue Raven Solar customers who upgrade to solar can save anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 over the next 25 years, which are incredibly high numbers! Depending on the size of your business’s system and its current usage amounts, you could be in for a major break in energy bills in the long run.

There are great energy-saving programs in Costa Rica. Talk to a power company that supplies your energy and request expert assistance. In that case, check on all the companies involved in solar energy in Costa Rica, so you can do your homework.

Are you buying a commercial property soon? Then contact the experts.

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