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Please do not leave a message – Voicemail in Costa Rica

Please do not leave a message - Voice mail in Costa Rica. Maxwell smart has a hard time too.I’m not even a real old guy yet and I’m already having a hard time keeping up with some of that phone technology that the phone carriers are offering. I’m only 60 and wondering how people like 83 year old mom keep up with all that ever changing stuff. 
I received the offer for 2 free internet based phone lines from a new internet company. Wow, all for free…
One day, another realtor called me on my cell phone and said “why does your office phone sound busy all the time”? “That’s because I was talking on it”. “So, said the realtor, why don’t you get an extra line”? 
“I can answer only one line at the time, Daniel. What most people do when a phone is busy, they call back later and if you don’t, you were really in no hurry to talk to me anyway”.
I can get myself a whole battery of phones but will still only answer one phone call at the time. If you wouldn’t have a secret phone number (100 points for our phone technology), I could see who has called and I’d return your call as soon as I can”. Or shoot me an email; you know I answer it always quickly.
So did I take the new company on their offer? No, the old company decided to fix my internet and the new one couldn’t get the line from the road to my house anyway. If my internet doesn’t work, then those free phones are no good either. We then decided to cancel also the home phone which is a landline that stops working with the first rainstorm. Dany and I both have a cell phone, who needs a landline anymore.
The first cell phones in Costa Rica
Talking about cell phones… I’ve never been a technology geek although I’ve always tried to stay more or less up to date. But sometimes, the Tico ways of doing things stands in my way. You’ll learn about the Tico way once you’ve been living in Costa Rica for a while,especially when you have to deal with utilities. I hear a lot of clients complain about real estate agents not returning their messages, so it’s not just me.
When I bought my first cell phone and I finally got rid of that nerve-racking pager, which we called a beeper in Costa Rica, the phone company ICE decided they should give me a voicemail.
When trying to pick up my voicemail, I found that most callers would never leave a voicemail had the bad habit of waiting for the beep to hang up on you.
Others would leave a message and the system wouldn’t receive it until days later, when the caller had already left the country or already bought a property in Costa Rica from another agent who did juggle several phones.
I have 21744 messages on my real estate office voicemail
I also found that a lot of people, to save money, would just leave a short message, so I could return their calls. I’d spend hours returning calls that was not even in my interest.
Countless minutes went by every day while I was trying to pick up all those empty messages, so I decided to stop picking them up after a while. After a couple of weeks, people started complaining that I wouldn’t return their messages or that my mailbox was full.
That’s when I decided to spend a couple of hours to stand in line at the phone company (I always bring a book) and got to the window when it was my turn. “Hello, I want to get rid of my voicemail on my phone, how do I do that?”
I got this real sweet smile back from the lady who said “you can’t get rid of voicemail; it comes with the phone line because it’s free”. “Well” I said, “I don’t care for that logic, I don’t want it”. That, I shouldn’t have said, as I got a total shut-down from the lady. “Next” she said.
You can’t get rid of voicemail because it’s free
While driving home, I thought about it. How can I can sail around Tico logic and make it work to my advantage. When I got home, I found the paper that shows how to change the message on voicemail and said first in Spanish “Hola, le habla Ivo de Bienes Raices GoDutch, no me deje mensajes por favor, llamame luego. Then immediately after that “Hello, this is Ivo of GoDutch Realty. Please don’t leave me a message, try calling again later.” Of course, I had to re-do it like 20 times…
You know, again I found out that a lot of people don’t leave a message and wait for the beep to hang up. Does that happen to you too? I just think it’s a stupid exercise, especially if you have to go through a whole ceremony of things to get to the point of being able to listen to … nothing. Or they still leave a message because they don’t listen to my message asking them not to leave one. Got it? Oh, and I also disconnected the voicemail of the office phone, that one was on the machine and was able to do it without that unfriendly lady at the phone company, the one wagging her finger at me in the photo.
I’m a pretty decent communicator and always reachable, even during the evenings or when I’m on vacation, it goes with the business. But I can talk only so many hours on the phone every day because I have other things to do too.
The voicemail box of my Costa Rican cell phone is full
So when you call me and I don’t answer, I beg you to call again or send me an email, a text message, a Whatsapp or a text on Facebook messenger or fill out the contact form on this website but don’t leave a voicemail. That’s so much easier… all those phones!
Oh, and the fax machine is out of order too, so please don’t send me any faxes. I really appreciate your cooperation as usual.

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