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Do we really get a lot of sunshine in Costa Rica?

Do we really get a lot of sunshine in Costa Rica?Some think that when they read that Costa Rica has the best climate in the world, that it’s all advertising techniques. Is it for real? Is the climate in Costa Rica real so good? Is there a lot of sunshine?

I’ve been here way too long I guess. Or I’ve been sitting in the sun in Costa Rica too much. I just realized that I got so used to have sunshine every day, I don’t even notice it anymore. A short video by Visit Holland showed the importance of the sun in Northern countries while we, who live in Costa Rica, take it for granted.

It’s been many years since I moved to Costa Rica but when I go on vacation to visit my mom in Holland, I only go during the summer months. Even then I’m cold most of the time.

I don’t go on vacation to Holland particularly to enjoy the weather there. If I’d be interested in nice weather, I’d stay in Costa Rica and go to the Central Pacific, the South Pacific, the North Pacific or even the Caribbean beaches. Or I just stay home. Who is as lucky as I am to have all those choices? You guessed it: those who live in Costa Rica.


Primer Impacto weather woman Jackie Guerrido

Primer Impacto weather woman Jackie Guerrido


While watching that Visit Holland video, I started getting curious about sunshine hours, I’ve never really looked at it. Google is always my biggest help when I want to find out something. There is a total of possible 4383 sunshine hours (12 a day). Climate Temps comes to my help, and I’m thankful for that.

It turns out that, in the Netherlands, or Holland as we Dutch call it (so logical right), there is an average of 1568 hours of sunlight per year and it is sunny 35.8% of the daylight hours. That gives an average of 4:17 hours of sunlight per day. That seems like a lot to me, when I’m there, in summertime, I certainly hardly see that sunlight. But okay, let’s have a look at San Jose – Costa Rica then.

San Jose seems to have on average 2040 hours of sunshine per year and it is sunny 46.5% of daylight hours. That means we have only 1.3 hours per day more than Holland has. What the heck does that mean, that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me? It made me think and I then realized I was looking for the wrong information and found the world’s sunniest places on another site that I’m showing you in the image below.


Countries with the most sunshine

Countries with the most sunshine (from Current Results)


Do you really want 11 hours of sunshine a day like they have in Arizona? Yuma has almost twice as many hours of sunshine a day. The Dutch could have the Arab refugees do all the work. Then, the Dutch could be sitting on a terrace all day long, for the rest of their life if they would have so many hours of sunshine.  The Ticos, they’d extend the amount of holidays to 365 and never go back to work.

Some US channels make the weather forecast interesting by hiring beautiful people like Primer Impacto’s Jackie Guerrido and Rob Marciano at ABC News. In Costa Rica, we don’t need that, we have beautiful weather anyway. News channels in Costa Rica quit the weather forecasts years ago. 


ABC News weather man Rob Marciano

ABC News weatherman Rob Marciano


I’m not a weather expert, we sell real estate in Costa Rica, but possibly it is the combination of fantastic average temperatures year-round and the fact that we don’t have any hurricanes or snow that obliges us to enjoy the weather in Costa Rica every day?

Even when it rains…

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