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The Best Types of Home Water Filters That Don’t Require Plumbing

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The Best Types of Home Water Filters That Don't Require PlumbingWater filters are the go-to means for keeping a clean water supply in a home in Costa Rica. You’ll find the most incredibly well-tasting water in most locations in the country. But during the rainy season, your water supply might not be as expected. Unfortunately, some homeowners avoid water filters because most require complex installation and plumbing.

If you want a water filter but are concerned about plumbing, you can stop worrying now.

This article lists eight home filters that don’t require any plumbing and are super easy to install:

8 Water Filters That Require No Plumbing

Here are 8 water filters that require zero plumbing:

1.      Portable Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems are one of the most effective water filtration systems. They filter water using a semipermeable membrane and remove particles and chemical contaminants. Stores often sell RO systems as under-the-sink filters, but they also come in portable forms.

Portable reverse osmosis filters do not connect directly to your main water line. As a result, you can move them around and install them without any plumbing.

The Best Types of Home Water Filters That Don't Require Plumbing

2.      Countertop Filters

As the name implies, these filters stay on countertops in your kitchen. Installing them is easy, as they require zero plumbing. Most of them come with a tube that you can attach to your kitchen tap. Countertop filters can remove lead, chemicals, and pesticides from your water, depending on the type.

3.      Gravity Filters

Gravity filters are a great alternative if you don’t want the hassle of installing a filter. They work with gravity and don’t need electricity to function. In addition, they remove contaminants like viruses, cysts, herbicides, and heavy metals.

Their filtration process is simple. A gravity water filter consists of an upper and lower chamber, and unfiltered water goes into the upper chamber with one or two filter cartridges. The filters in the upper chamber trap contaminants, allowing only clean water to flow down into the lower chamber. You can then collect the filtered water from the dispenser.

Gravity filters are one of the best options for plumbing-free filters. In addition, these filters do not leave a dent in your electricity bill. You can find reviews on the best gravity water filters at

4.      Under-Sink Filters

Some under-sink water filters don’t need any serious plumbing. Instead, they come with step-by-step DIY (do it yourself) instruction manuals or videos.

They’re ideal because they come in different types that suit specific needs. For instance, your under-sink filter may be a sediment or activated carbon filter. Depending on the kind of under-sink filter you get, you can free your water from bacteria, sediments, and chemical contamination. Under-sink filters are typically installed in the kitchen, but you can install them in any room with a sink.

5.      Water Filter Pitchers

These are water pitchers that have mini filtration devices fitted into them. Water filter pitchers can reduce odor and improve water taste. They can also eliminate cysts and stop chemical and sediment contamination. Because they’re so easy to move around, you can have your water filter pitchers sitting on your countertops or in your refrigerator. However, the major downside to water filter pitchers is that they usually filter small amounts at a time.

6.      Shower filters

Shower filters are easy to fix. Attach them to your showerhead, and they filter the water running down your shower. Shower filters remove skin-damaging chemicals like chlorine and chloramines from water. As a bonus, you can take a shower filter when traveling and use it in hotels or vacation homes.

7.      Water filter Bottles

Some water bottles come with mini filtration devices installed inside them. For example, models like Grayl have a mini activated carbon filter fixed in the water bottle. Despite their small size, these water bottles remove bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals like chlorine from water. In addition, a few brands like Brita and Thermoflask are designed to keep water cool for a few hours and are perfect for use in the warmer beach areas when you go to the gym.

Water filter bottles come in handy when traveling to remote places where you’re unsure of the water quality.

8.      Fridge Filters

You can attach these filters to the dispenser of your refrigerator to give you clean drinking water. Fridge filters can be attached and removed conveniently.

The Best Types of Home Water Filters That Don't Require Plumbing

Benefits of Plumbing-Free Filters

If you choose to get a plumbing-free water filter, be ready to enjoy these benefits:

They’re inexpensive

Because of their simple designs, plumbing-free filters are cheaper than those that require plumbing. So, although you may find a few expensive models, plumbing-free filters will still be significantly more affordable than the more complex filtration systems.

They’re portable

Plumbing-free filters are very easy to use because they’re not bulky, and you can effortlessly move them to different parts of the home. They won’t give you any problems if you’re switching houses, and they’re easy to maintain or replace.

They’re good for emergencies

Because most of these filters are portable, they can be taken anywhere and set up quickly when an emergency arises. For example, you can take them to a new house, on a camping trip, or on vacation.

No need for professionals

The best thing about these filters is that you don’t need to call a professional plumber to help you install them. Instead, they come with simple instruction manuals that can help you do the installation yourself.

Bottom Line

Plumbing-free water filtration systems are just as effective as the built-in systems, so there’s no reason to worry about water quality when you get one. Plumbing-free filtration systems can serve homes with mild, moderate, or severe water quality issues. So, if you live in Costa Rica, and you’re thinking of getting a plumbing-free filter, go for it.

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