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Wearing flip flops to work in Costa Rica

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Wearing flip flops to work in Costa Rica

Those who know me personally, know that wearing flip flops to work is normal for me. Every day. I also wear shorts. But, I do dress up a bit when I have clients who have never met me before.

I live in a country where wearing flip flops to work is possible, which I do as much as I can. And, when I go to the bank, shopping or have lunch. I know a lot of people in other countries, who work from home and put up with the cold every winter. They wouldn’t even think of wearing flip flops to work.

My wife doesn’t always agree with what I wear. To go for lunch or dinner, she dresses up. AND she wears high heels. I wear… yes … flip flops.

For those who are into legs: yes, my wife’s legs look much better than mine, in high heels or in flip flops.

Most executives I know, have many pairs of shoes. I have lots of pairs of flip flops, like 12. They save a lot of space in the closet. I need only two feet of space, while my wife occupies most of the rest of the closet. I have brown, gray, and black ones, so I can always wear my flip flops to work. They combine well with all the different pairs of shorts that I own.

Of course, I also wear shoes, just once in a while. My feet hurt when I wear shoes, so as soon as I get home, I change again. Into shorts and flip flops.

Wearing flip flops to work in Costa Rica

The weather

No matter where you live in Costa Rica, the weather is always good enough for wearing flip flops to work. In Escazu, where I live, the temps are never below 59ºF. Ticos might be wearing polar clothing, gloves, and hats, I swear by my flip flops.

The city

Those who work in the city, don’t usually get away with wearing flip flops to work. Imagine the Hewlett-Packard general manager wearing flip flops to work? Or the Banco de Costa Rica teller? They’d be looking for a new job quickly.

But the advantage of being a real estate broker in Costa Rica is that wearing flip flops to work is possible and nobody will say anything. And if they do, they’re fired!

The beach

Those who work at the beach, have more of an opportunity of wearing flip flops to work. Like those who work in a beach restaurant, or a bar. And, of course, don’t forget, the beach real estate broker.

Wearing flip flops to work in Costa Rica

Online work

If you work online, just like I do most of the time, wearing flip flops to work every day is awesome. If your business is online marketing, customer service, or even the stock market, Costa Rica is the perfect country to live in.

You only need a desk, a computer, fast internet and … flip flops. Therefore, I invite you to move to Costa Rica. Soon!

At all times

Just like I do, you can wear flip flops to work, to church, and to parties. I take them off when I swim. And when I go to Holland, I wear my clogs.

Wearing flip flops to work in Costa Rica


The advantage of working from home is that immigration is not going to check if you work or not. They don’t care if you wear shoes or flip flops. You can work as a perpetual tourist, and leave the country every 6 months. You’re not taking any job away from a Tico, so who is going to figure.

Do you now also plan to wear flip flops to work and relocate to Costa Rica? Then contact us now for all your real estate needs.

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