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What is Bajarse los Pantalones in Costa Rica

What is Bajarse los Pantalones in Costa RicaBajarse los Pantalones is to give in on a dishonorable negotiation. If someone has lowered his pants when he accepts conditions that are clearly unfavorable to him.

Now, that we’re in a tremendously difficult market right now. But don’t feel bad. Is there a lot of competition in your price range?

Or is your property in one of the 12 insane factors that reduce home values?    Then, if you really want to sell your house, it might be necessary to bajarse los pantalones.

If that will make you feel terrible, take your house off the market now and wait for better times.

As a reminder, I publish this kind of blog so you get used to the way Ticos express themselves. They even might stop you from getting culture shock.

Tie your pants

Do you want to be in charge at home? Then you need to amarrarse los pantalones.

In Costa Rica, there are several expressions that have to do with pants. One of them is Amarrarse los pantalones. This is used only for males. Translated literally, this means to tie your pants. This makes sense, so they won’t fall off your butt. Because if they do, you won’t be in charge, you won’t be the boss. You can’t show you are the authority, you won’t be in the driver’s seat. You’d just look ridiculous with your pants down.

Women should use amarrarse las enaguas.

Not having any

Not having pants – no tener pantalones, is not having any authority at all.

What is Bajarse los Pantalones in Costa Rica


It’s also pretty important to understand that men need to andar los pantalones bien puestos. On the other hand, women better make sure they have to andar los calzones (panties) bien puestos. This means to impose authority, be brave or behave energetically.

The Belt

A belt = una faja. Now that we’re talking about tying your pants, we should also explain about the belt. In an economic crisis, all businesses as well a government need to amarrarse o zocarse la faja – reduce costs.

Other meanings

Fajarse mucho en el trabajo = work hard.

Pantalón ajustado or tallado – tight pants

Pantalón holgado – baggy pants

Pantaloneta – shorts

Difficult to Sell

If you own a property that is difficult to sell, you might see the need to “bajarse los pantalones”. Here are a few cases:

Try it

Go ahead; try it out on your neighbor. But don’t make the mistake to say he needs to andar los calzones bien puestos. He might never talk to you again.

The best part of all of this is that once you know how to use these Tico expressions, you are on your way of adapting to your new home country.

When you purchase a property in Costa Rica from A GoDutch Realty agent, we’ll always hold your hand throughout the purchase process, until the day you learn to use Tico slang. If you have not purchased a property from us yet, contact us now.

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