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What is qué vaina in Costa Rica?

What is qué vaina in Costa Rica?Qué vaina is one of those expressions your landlord might use when you complain about a leak in the roof.

Or when your coffee maker stopped working and you’re asking for another.

In this case, the translation is “what a problem”. But. instead of qué vaina, it is also possible to say qué torta. It is used when a person is annoyed because something has happened.

Vaina is one of those words that has many different meanings, depending on how it’s used.

The word vaina or vainica means a pea.


Other uses are:

Qué es esa vaina? – what is that thing? Also esa cosa – ese chunche means the same thing)

Cuál es la vaina? – what’s the matter?

Voy a tener que aguantarme las vainas de mi inquilino – I will have to support my tenant’s crap

No me venga con vainas – stop having excuses

Qué vaina con vos – You’re always a problem, I’m disappointed with you

Ni de vaina – Not a chance

Juan Vainas – a person who is not too intelligent

Es una vaina –  It´s a pity, a dilemma

Es una vaina ser un limpio – What a pity to be penniless!

Engañar con la vaina vacía – to preach qualities you don´t have

Machete, estáte en tu vaina – watch out! think what you are doing

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