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3 Must-Have Items and Virtues for New Residents in Costa Rica

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3 Must-Have Items and Virtues for New Residents in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a marvelous place to live, however, there are 3 items new residents cannot do without. The Switzerland of Central America, as Costa Rica is often called, is a place where it feels like every day is a vacation.

With a population growth rate of 1.48% per year, more and more people are moving to Costa Rica. Everywhere you look, you get to enjoy the most picturesque views imaginable.

We have the most beautiful beaches on 800 miles of coastline, with many fun places new foreign residents can have all the nature and sand between the toes that they want.

Let’s go over the three must-have items that new residents in Costa Rica should have.

Serviceable Vehicle

3 Must-Have Items and Virtues for New Residents in Costa Rica

The country is so incredibly diverse and full of nature and animals and parks to visit.  And not to forget about all those beaches. Especially new residents want to visit as much as they can of the country. Therefore, a personal vehicle that new residents could use is one of the most important must-have items for new foreign residents in Costa Rica

Before purchasing a car, one must consider how one plans to use the automobile.  When it comes to choosing a vehicle, it is best to determine the location of the resident’s home first.

In most beach areas and in the Central Valley you can use a sedan-type vehicle. If you plan to live in the more remote beach areas, it is best to purchase a four-wheel drive. In some areas, an ATV is the best vehicle for your daily use.

Light Clothes

3 Must-Have Items and Virtues for New Residents in Costa Rica

Of course, you already know that Costa Rica is a tropical country. We have only two seasons, the wet and dry season. Therefore, there is no need to wear winter coats when living in Costa Rica. You should definitely shop for beach and swimwear before you pack your container. Or buy new ones once you arrive and support local designers.

New residents of Costa Rica will only need to bring cotton shirts and shorts to stay cool during the dry season from December through May. You might want to use a sweater or a long-sleeved shirt during the winds in December in January.

Patience, lot of it

3 Must-Have Items and Virtues for New Residents in Costa Rica

Yes, as a new resident of Costa Rica you want to bring patience. Lots of it. You will need it.

Anytime you need to use governmental offices or a bank, you need to arm yourself with patience. Don’t get mad at anyone, it won’t move the line faster! The long lines everywhere, the disinterest of the employees to serve you well will teach you it’s better to bring a book or be a Facebook lover.

Once you realize that you won’t be able to change them, but you’re the one to adjust to their culture, life is going to be much easier on you.

Although younger generations are more business-like now about their appointments and meetings, Tico time is still very much part of the culture here.

Moving to Costa Rica could quite possibly be the best decision anyone could make. Sometimes it takes a little work for new residents to adjust to living in a new culture with a different language. Ready for the adventure? Then contact us now, we are the experts.

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