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Don’t keep your AOL email account when you move to Costa Rica

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Don’t keep your AOL email account

If you decide to keep your AOL email account even after you move to Costa Rica, you will ask yourself soon why nobody gets in touch with you anymore.

If you keep using your AOL email account, you will stop hearing from your beloved family members, your former neighbors and the friends you thought were for life. You might start thinking that you moved to Costa Rica because they don’t love you anymore.

Do you love your AOL email account so much that you don’t want to get rid of it? There are all kinds of ways to put all your friends, business associates, and family on a whitelist. It’s really pretty easy to do so, but why go through hours of work if you can just open a Gmail account so much faster.


Are you wondering why nobody from Costa Rica answers your emails? Then go into your spam box and check what’s there.  You’ll probably find it full of Spam and Junk mail. Once you do, you can put those who you’re interested in doing business with on your whitelist.

Don’t keep your AOL email account
Hey, you didn’t answer all the emails I’ve been sending you. If you don’t want my business, I’ll go somewhere else.

Not only AOL

AOL is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that will flag any email coming from Costa Rica as being untrustworthy.

There are other email services that see emails coming from Costa Rica as spam. (AT&T Services) and Comcast are also a royal pain in the butt. Often Yahoo and Hotmail also have spam issues.

If you’d like to find out exactly what spam is, go to Webopedia.

Your due diligence

The headaches really start when you will begin your due diligence. You send our emails to real estate agents, moving companies, lawyers and maybe even a plastic surgeon for that facelift you always wanted.

After days of waiting for an answer, your AOL email inbox stays empty. So, you try again, but now with their competition. Because you have heard enough about Tico Time and the laid-back lifestyle they have over there in that Banana Republic.


What you don’t know is that you AOL spam inbox is filling up with every email you send to Costa Rica. There are all these people, who want your business, and they can’t get in touch with you. Unless they’re smarter than AOL.

Don’t keep your AOL email account
You’ll be surprised how many important emails end up in your AOL spam box


The best way to get around that AOL email account problem is to get yourself a Gmail. You might hate Google as much as I hate AOL, but it works, I promise. Plus, a Gmail account is also a cost-free, just like having an AOL email account.

AOL hackers

My email address must be on hundreds of address books of AOL emails account holders. I get at least 2 spam emails a day from a hacked AOL email account with a link to some virus or malware.

This means that AOL really worries about real emails coming from Costa Rica, but do not care to protect their members from hackers. So, if you’d want to get rid of that AOL account before you even move to Costa Rica, good riddance.


You still don’t want to get rid of that oh so special AOL email account? Then you better learn how to put all those people you love on your whitelist. This is a great article on whitelisting.

Our Newsletter

I also hate spam, and I get hundreds a day myself. Therefore, we use the specialized newsletter service MailChimp. They have an abuse monitoring system that protects you and me from spamming. Do you want to receive our newsletters? Well, on these newsletters, we advertise the following warning:

Important note

Yahoo!, Hotmail and AOL are using overly strong spam-blocking filters that will most surely stop you from receiving any emails from us. Unless you set up your spam filters to allow emails from the @godutchrealty domain, we do NOT guarantee the receipt of download and/or purchase information for users of the above mail services. If you don’t receive the email within the next 10 minutes, please make sure you check your bulk/junk mail folder. If the message isn’t there, please request a download link from customer support.

Don’t keep your AOL email account
Check both your inbox and your spam box daily.

Are you ready to buy Costa Rica estate? Then don’t use to do this, because you’ll find it empty. Be smart and contact us, but don’t use your AOL email account, please.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t keep your AOL email account when you move to Costa Rica”

  • Patti Rao

    15 April, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    Dear IVO.
    Your posts are always very informative especially for Ex-pats dong business or for residents in Costa Rica. Thank you.
    As regards to your recent AOL post: I have been an AOL subscriber for three decades or so and I have had no problem with AOL email accounts in Costa Rica or other international places I login.
    PS: I do not do facebook so please add this to your comments section.
    May I suggest you may wish to provide alternate ways to login other than facebook accounts.

    • Ivo Henfling

      15 April, 2018 at 3:00 pm

      Thanks for your comment Patti. We have problems with almost everyone with an AOL account. Try to send me an email fro your aol account to please. 9 out of 10, my response to you will end up in your spam box


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