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How to pack your dishes when moving to Costa Rica

by Ivo Henfling

How to pack your dishes when moving to Costa RicaMoving to Costa Rica is easy, if you want to spend the money on paying your moving company to pack your dishes and everything else for you. It is also pretty easy to move if you just throw it all out and start new in Costa Rica by buying all new stuff. 

Moving Home Boxes are available online and you can do most of the work yourself, although we recommend using a profesional packing company or moving company, so everything will arrive in one piece.

Most don’t realize that they will have to pay taxes on everything they bring, as soon as the container hits customs in Costa Rica. But that is for another blog, another day. Today, I’m going to tell you about how to pack your dishes and breakable articles.

To some, it might sound like a waste of time to read about how to pack your dishes, so to make it easier, check this video:


There is a lot more to learn though, so don’t go away yet. If you really feel like this article doesn’t interest you, make sure you check the latest properties for sale in Costa Rica, we have some real deals here going on. But if you will move to Costa Rica soon because one of our agents was able to sell you a home, feel free to read on, you might learn something. Costa Rica real estate testimonial

Most people think that packing their breakable items counts among the most difficult challenges and would prefer to leave this task to the moving professionals. In fact, packing your fragile glass- or ceramic-ware isn’t all that hard if you know how to do it. Here are a few tips that can help:

Make sure your plates, saucers, and China ware arrive in one piece to Costa Rica. 

Follow the next tips

• Get blank newsprint paper, Bubble Wrap® or Styrofoam peanuts.
• Get Dish pack box (5.2 cubic feet)
• Get Tape

1. Prepare the box and put a nice layer of wadded newsprint paper or peanuts in the bottom of the box to cushion. Winmovers in Costa Rica can move your household to your new home

2. Then wrap each plate and bundle three or four together and stand on end in the box, never lay them flat. Take another bundle, use the same size plates, and place them near the other bundle. Fill the sides with peanuts or newsprint. Put the large items on the bottom layer and place a layer of bubble wrap in between each layer. Place wadded newsprint or Styrofoam peanuts between each layer for cushioning.

3. When full, tape shut the box and mark “Fragile – China.”

For all other breakables, use the next tips:

1. The box you will use for breakable items should have additional linings (use cardboard or paper or bubble wrap) on the bottom and sides.

2. When packing your breakable items in a box, you should pack items that are similar in size together so it will be easier to organize the contents and prevent empty spaces that cause the contents to shake or move around during handling.

3. IF you pack differently-sized sets of items in one box, make sure to use additional cardboard as dividers to separate these items into sections.

4. Pack all the heavy items first (at the bottom) and lighter, more fragile items on top. Layer the items until the box is full with bubble wrap or cardboard dividers or crumple enough newsprint paper. You can also use cloth, or kitchen towels or an old shirt to do the job.Costa Rica real estate testimonial

5. Once the box is full, make sure that you leave no empty spaces. Fill empty spaces with crumpled newspaper, or kitchen towels or old shirts. Make sure that the contents will not have any space to shake around during handling.

6. Before you close the box, place a layer of cardboard, newspaper or kitchen towels on top.

7. Once you have secured the box with adhesive tape, place a sign that says “Fragile, handle with care” on the sides and top of the box, as well as arrows that indicate top and bottom.

Costa Rica real estate broker Ivo Henfling8. Make sure all these boxes will be labeled “Fragile” and are stowed safely on top of non-fragile items in the container.

9. It is best to pack the extremely fragile items in a box of their own and to make sure that the item is completely surrounded in a thick cushion of crumpled paper or bubble wrap.

If you just follow the above instructions, your chinaware will arrive safely in your new home in Costa Rica. Welcome home!!

By Ivo Henfling, your Costa Rica real estate agent.

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