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How to obtain your Costa Rica driver's license when having a residency ID

TICONUEVO | JULY 25, 2014 Nearly all obstacles to our residency in Costa Rica are in the rear-view mirror except for the matter of getting our Costa Rican driver’s licenses. If you have a current/valid driver’s license from your home state or province, this should be one of the easiest items to tick off your list, […]

How Ticonuevo got his Dimex residency card in Costa Rica

Our “moving-to-Costa-Rica” travails are pretty much behind us. Our recent focus has been getting our DIMEX residency cards (cedulas de residencias) making us official full-time retired residents of Costa Rica. It was the biggest item and the one that has also taken the longest, has just been completed. It has taken far longer than we […]

My 90 day perpetual tourist visa stamp for Costa Rica

TICONUEVO | MARCH 29, 2014 Our 90-day visa was expiring and we needed to leave Costa Rica and re-enter to re-new our visa in order to keep our U.S. driver’s license and Costa Rican driver’s insurance in force. We couldn’t afford the time and expense to fly out to some airport in the States. And […]

Change is in the wind for Costa Rica residency

by guest blogger Ticonuevo As of this writing, there have been several changes in Costa Rican policy and law that affect the financial wellbeing of long-term visitors, including those applying for one of the three immigrant resident categories. The changes happened just before our arrival and we were not informed of them until the first […]

Residency in Costa Rica and your IRA or 401K account

by Ivo Henfling Most people don’t realize they need residency to live in another country but your IRA, 401K can be your solution. There are many ways to apply for residency in Costa Rica but you have to keep one thing in mind: if a Costarican applies for residency in your home country it’s not going […]

New Costa Rica residency card important for banking

by Ivo Henfling The new Costa Rica residency card is worrying some residents unnecessarily. Some online newspapers in English,  like AM Costa Rica, Inside Costa Rica and the Tico times reported this week about the new DIMEX residency cards but the information wasn’t clear what a DIMEX residency card is. For that reason, I have […]