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4 Reasons Potential Costa Rica Expats Fail

4 Reasons Potential Costa Rica Expats Fail to Make the Transition

Here’s something to think about: a significant number of all of the expats fail. This mostly happens within their first year in Costa Rica, then they return home. I have some ideas about why this happens, and how to avoid becoming a statistic. I’ll discuss the most prominent reasons that expats fail to make it. […]

The retired gringo and the fisherman in Costa Rica

The retired gringo and the fisherman in Costa Rica

Have you heard the story about the gringo and the fisherman? I’ve seen several versions, now that I Googled it. But it’s an interesting story, that I heard back in the ’80s. It shows the mindset of the average gringo and the mindset of the average Tico. Understanding both, is a fantastic assistance to anyone […]

Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties and bird watching

by Ivo Henfling Costa Rica retirement vacation properties and bird watching go together well, the reason so many have decided to retire or buy a vacation home in Costa Rica. When you retire to a country like Costa Rica, you must love nature and in particular birds. If you don’t, why even bother moving to […]

Movin’ On to our retirement destination

Movin’ On to our retirement destination: Costa Rica

Allow me to show you how we got to the point of looking at Costa Rica as our retirement destination. My story is an introduction to Costa Rica as seen through the eyes of a retiring expat. To briefly recap our decision criteria to find the right retirement destination, I told you about in my […]

Making Retirement Decisions

Making Retirement Decisions before moving to Costa Rica

To make important retirement decisions, we needed to be specific about our criteria. In my introduction, you know that we have decided to make Costa Rica our permanent retirement residence. So, I’d like to show you how made retirement decisions based on a step by step process. Our criteria and circumstances are specific to us. […]