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Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties and bird watching

by Ivo Henfling Costa Rica retirement vacation properties and bird watching go together well, the reason so many have decided to retire or buy a vacation home in Costa Rica. When you retire to a country like Costa Rica, you must love nature and in particular birds. If you don’t, why even bother moving to […]

Another reason to retire in Atenas

by Ivo Henfling Many found another reason to retire in Atenas and in other locations in Costa Rica after my post a couple of weeks ago with pictures takes by our expat and I’ve received a lot of emails from readers asking for more quality photos of birdlife and views in Paradise. In February this […]

Lets Deal with our Retirement in Costa Rica

by guest blogger TicoNuevo In my introduction, you know that we have decided to make Costa Rica our permanent retirement residence. So, I’d like to give you a look back at how we arrived at this rather momentous and difficult decision and later on how we implemented the move. Our criteria and circumstances are specific […]

John Doe is drawing to a clos(ing) on his property in Costa Rica

by guest blogger John Doe We are now in the month of February, when we had agreed to make the final payment for our amazing property in Costa Rica, and proceed with closing the deal. Of course, these situations almost always have hurdles, and the best one can do this these is keep calm, and […]

Will foreigners in Costa Rica hurt from capital controls bill?

by Ivo Henfling President of Costa Rica, doña Laura Chinchilla, proposes a new bill to control capital that flows in and out of the country. The Colon is the most depreciating amongst 19 Latin American and Caribbean economies tracked by Bloomberg. Doña Laura Chinchilla announced measures to slow capital inflows that she called “weapons of […]

Why Costa Rica real estate offices close during the Christmas holidays

by Ivo Henfling Every year I get surprised emails from interested people asking to see Costa Rica real estate during the Christmas holidays. They act surprised when they find out our real estate offices close down a couple of days before Christmas until after the 2nd week of January of the next year. Thousands of […]