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John Doe is drawing to a clos(ing) on his property in Costa Rica

by guest blogger John Doe We are now in the month of February, when we had agreed to make the final payment for our amazing property in Costa Rica, and proceed with closing the deal. Of course, these situations almost always have hurdles, and the best one can do this these is keep calm, and […]

sunsets and birdlife in Atenas

Enjoy incredible sunsets and birdlife in Atenas before even moving there

Our hobby photographer Peter Boyer shows off with his photos of birdlife and sunsets in Atenas. That’s because he can! Peter and Edie Boyer moved into their new home in Vista Mar Estates in Desmonte in October 2012 and are enjoying the marvelous wonders of living in Atenas. Desmonte is located between Atenas and Orotina […]

Will foreigners in Costa Rica hurt from capital controls bill?

by Ivo Henfling President of Costa Rica, doña Laura Chinchilla, proposes a new bill to control capital that flows in and out of the country. The Colon is the most depreciating amongst 19 Latin American and Caribbean economies tracked by Bloomberg. Doña Laura Chinchilla announced measures to slow capital inflows that she called “weapons of […]

Why Costa Rica real estate offices close during the Christmas holidays

by Ivo Henfling Every year I get surprised emails from interested people asking to see Costa Rica real estate during the Christmas holidays. They act surprised when they find out our real estate offices close down a couple of days before Christmas until after the 2nd week of January of the next year. Thousands of […]

Top 11 places to visit before you retire to Costa Rica

by Ivo Henfling Before you retire to a new country, you need to find out which country to retire to or buy a 2nd home first. Once you have decided Costa Rica will be your retirement destination, in 3 weeks you can tour the country and find out where to concentrate the search or scratch […]

Residency in Costa Rica and your IRA or 401K account

by Ivo Henfling Most people don’t realize they need residency to live in another country but your IRA, 401K can be your solution. There are many ways to apply for residency in Costa Rica but you have to keep one thing in mind: if a Costarican applies for residency in your home country it’s not going […]

Costa Rica weather and temperatures

Costa Rica weather and temperatures – Our main attractions

I’m pretty sure you already know that the Costa Rica weather is one of the most attractive advantages that the country has to offer. I just received some very cold looking photos of snow-covered roads, rooftops, and cars from a friend. And I am sitting here at my desk, looking over my computer monitor. I […]