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How to save on your appliance purchase in Costa Rica

When buying appliances in Costa Rica, you can expect to pay a lot more than what you pay in another country. Fortunately, there is a way you can save a lot on your appliance purchase in Costa Rica: Deposito Libre Comercial Golfito or the Golfito Duty Free Zone. When you buy a house from GoDutch […]

Señorita Bonita – trendy and charming Atenas boutique

This Atenas boutique is now closed. Are you a high-end shopper who worships BCBG, Chico’s or MK or looking for a great deal on sunglasses? For sure there’s something for you at Señorita Bonita, the new charming Atenas boutique. Watch it now, ladies in Atenas! Fed up of driving all the way to Escazu or […]

How to save money on liquor in Costa Rica

If you don’t drink any liquor before you move to Costa Rica, there are several reasons you could start doing so pretty soon. It can be pretty warm some days and for many there is nothing nicer than a piña colada when you’re sitting next to your pool. Others, like me, prefer a rum ‘n coke […]

6 Handy Costa Rica grocery shopping tips

Every culture has different ways of doing things and as soon as you move to Costa Rica, you will find out that a lot of things are different than they were back home. Sometimes we just assume things are done our way (and we think of course it’s the best way) and they’re not, we don’t […]

The solution to Costa Rica’s high product prices

The solution to Costa Rica’s high product prices

Costa Rica News published The real reason behind Costa Rica’s high product prices on April 8, 2015. A really interesting article about the fact that Costa Rican produced products are cheaper in neighboring countries than in Costa Rica itself. Even though there is a high cost of transport. This article explains that commercial protectionism of certain […]

Why is MacGyvering a must in Costa Rica?

Why is MacGyvering a must in Costa Rica?

Why must MacGyvering be used in Costa Rica quite often? In this blog, I’d like to recount an experience I had recently that is indicative of the way you’ll find product availability in this country. My story is about buying lumber. It is not particularly important taken at its face. But it exemplifies why “MacGyvering” […]

Low cost of labor makes it affordable in Costa Rica

In this blog, I will cover some specific examples of shopping for items and services that are inexpensive by comparison between Costa Rica and North America. Pretty much every inexpensive good or service mentioned in this blog is a result of Costa Rica having such a low cost of labor. There are many more solutions […]