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Shopping for an Healthy Diet in Costa Rica

In this blog, I’m going to cover some healthy food that is in abundance and an inexpensive way to have a healthy diet. So, let’s eat. I’ll also mention several other specific examples of where to save money and in a few cases, it means go native. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned viveros (nurseries) previously, […]

The cost of home and car ownership in Costa Rica

TICONUEVO | JUNE 14, 2014 Let’s continue last week’s discussion of bargains: inexpensive and/or plentiful things you’ll discover in Costa Rica. Our last utility to mention is water. It is delivered to us from the local municipality and is just a whole lot less expensive than in the States. We had to water our acre […]

Medicinal herbs in Costa Rica

A Costa Rica real estate client asked me to write about medicinal herbs in Costa Rica, which fortunately comes pretty easy to me because my dad, together with his partner, Hendrik Stins, opened La Buena Hierba, the first real medicinal herb store in Costa Rica in 1986. I come from a family of pharmacists and […]

The secrets of Costa Rica grocery shopping

The secrets of Costa Rica grocery shopping

Grocery shopping smartly in your hometown can be difficult enough. Shopping in another country like Costa Rica is a science. In today’s blog, I’d like to give you a hand with your grocery shopping in Costa Rica, you know how to get started and what to look for. Costa Rica offers a wide range of […]

Online shopping and getting it to Costa Rica

by guest blogger TicoNuevo Ivo spent time recently on his “MacGyver” blog addressing the resourcefulness of the Costa Rican populace in using what’s available to get the job done. I agree and will also spend a bit of time on my observations regarding this topic in a future blog. However, my past three blogs discussed […]