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All about hardware stores in Costa Rica

by guest blogger TicoNuevo For your shopping pleasure in addition to supermarkets, mini-supers, ferias, central markets, carnicerías, and librerías, in towns of any considerable size, generally included are ferreterías (hardware stores), the standard Ropa Americana store (new and used clothing), jewelry repair, paint store(s), appliance stores, pet shops and veterinarians, pharmacies, beauticians, a co-op agricultural […]

The Polaco and the pulperia

by Ivo Henfling Every week, “El Polaco” visits a poor neighborhood of Costa Rica, with a car full of merchandise. The Polaco is a department store on wheels and he sells on credit. He offers mainly clothing, women’s, men’s and children’s. But he also sells coffeemakers, shoes, perfume, ceiling fans and anything his clients might […]

Dining in Costa Rica While Keeping an Eye on Expenses

While the country isn’t renowned for its own cuisine (there are some really great exceptions), you will find a multitude of international restaurants in addition to well-known restaurant chains (if you yearn for a taste of home, but then, why bother coming to Costa Rica in the first place). In our estimate during our visit […]