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Should vacation rental accommodations have to pay taxes soon?

Should vacation rental accommodations have to pay taxes soon?

Is there a chance that vacation rental accommodations will have to start paying taxes soon? Many vacation rental owners are probably wondering what’s going on with that topic. Paying or not paying taxes makes a huge difference to your ROI if you have a vacation rental investment. It’s a fact that if you have income […]

Costa Rica property tax

Costa Rica property tax

Costa Rica property tax or impuesto sobre Los Bienes Inmuebles is calculated over the registered value of your property in the municipality where the property is located. The percentage of the annual property tax is 0,25%, as regulated by Law 7509. Costa Rica property tax runs from the 1st of January until the 31st of […]

What if I don’t pay my Annual Costa Rica Corporation Tax?

I get questions by email about the annual Costa Rica corporation tax that was approved in January 2012. In a past article, I explained what this corporation tax is all about and why it was created. This is important information for most of my readers since many of you own your Costa Rica real estate in a […]

Change is in the wind for Costa Rica residency

by guest blogger Ticonuevo As of this writing, there have been several changes in Costa Rican policy and law that affect the financial wellbeing of long-term visitors, including those applying for one of the three immigrant resident categories. The changes happened just before our arrival and we were not informed of them until the first […]

US Tax Return Due Dates for Americans Living Abroad

Most U.S. citizens and green card holders rushed to file a US tax return by April 15. However, Americans living abroad on the regular due date of their tax return can take advantage of several extensions. First and foremost, American expatriates get an automatic two-month extension until June 15 to file US expatriate tax returns. […]

Will foreigners in Costa Rica hurt from capital controls bill?

by Ivo Henfling President of Costa Rica, doña Laura Chinchilla, proposes a new bill to control capital that flows in and out of the country. The Colon is the most depreciating amongst 19 Latin American and Caribbean economies tracked by Bloomberg. Doña Laura Chinchilla announced measures to slow capital inflows that she called “weapons of […]

Real estate Escazu and zoning

by Ivo Henfling I remember the times we had cows and horses in the streets of Escazu and you could build anything in real estate in Escazu you felt like and those are long gone now. There were no controls, building permits were not important and zoning did not exist. The 4 year Costa Rica […]