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5 Costa Rican Vacation Essentials to Pack

5 Costa Rican Vacation Essentials to Pack

To spend your vacation with no worries, it’s important to think about your vacation essentials. Costa Rica is a land of many wonders. From nature and welcoming people to adventurous activities, good food, and plenty of heritage and culture, there is something here for every visitor. Moreover, the fact that the country shares a coastline […]

Costa Rica ~ Pura Vida poem

Pura Vida is everywhere here, but this is the first Costa Rica Pura Vida Poem written. I always enjoy it when the expats who moved to Costa Rica have a good time, especially when they tell others about it. There is already enough negativity in this world. Costa Rica ~ Pura Vida! Those, who are […]

Culture bumps are normal when moving to any foreign country

Culture bumps are normal when moving to any foreign country

Culture shock or culture bumps? That depends on the experts you hire for your move to Costa Rica. Recently, we have been publishing blogs by ex-pats TicoNuevo and FloridaTico that our readers seem to like. Why do readers like them? Because they tell you the truth! Because they don’t only tell you about all the […]

Checkin’ Out Costa Rica | Part 1

As stated in my last blog “Movin’ On”, we were committed to a Costa Rican exploration holiday and getting to know Costa Rica before moving there and so we prepared to head south. We wanted to give ourselves enough time to explore, get acquainted with the country and still leave time to enjoy ourselves.  Since we had […]

Casa Laurin for an extraordinary stay in Escazu – Costa Rica real estate

by Ivo Henfling No matter if you come to Escazu on holidays, for a look at Costa Rica real estate, for a visit to the doctor – dentist – lawyer or for having your baby in the CIMA hospital, I can recommend you stay at Casa Laurin, an extraordinary Bed & Breakfast in Escazu. Rudy […]