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John Doe is drawing to a clos(ing) on his property in Costa Rica

by guest blogger John Doe We are now in the month of February, when we had agreed to make the final payment for our amazing property in Costa Rica, and proceed with closing the deal. Of course, these situations almost always have hurdles, and the best one can do this these is keep calm, and […]

An Overview of Broadband Service in Costa Rica

An Overview of Broadband Service in Costa Rica

Broadband service in Costa Rica becoming available. Uninterrupted internet connection to connect to the world has been a long cherished dream for many individuals. Especially in Costa Rica. (In 2017 – ICE offers digital internet and others through cable – editor) However, even in the recent past, one would have had to pay a heavy […]

Soon no more frustrated clients of Costa Rica services?

You and I are probably both frustrated most of the time with the services some larger corporations give, like banks and the utility companies in Costa Rica and in many other parts of the world. Globalization and the large corporations are taking over. Therefore the client friendly smaller companies and mom and pop businesses cannot […]