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The best solution to a cracked windshield in Costa Rica

The best solution to a cracked windshield in Costa Rica

Having a cracked windshield in Costa Rica is quite common. Lots of roads in and outside the Central Valley are unpaved. Especially if you are adventurous, you can find yourself driving on some pretty bad roads. Also, you will see dump trucks driving without or with a loose cover. No matter how much distance you […]

9 Weird ways to transport your belongings in Costa Rica

Planning on moving to another home in Costa Rica? Are you remodeling your home and need to purchase large building materials like cement, gypsum, steel beams and others? Need to take your cow to your sister house? Organizing a wedding and you need to take chairs and tables from one place to another? Just like […]

2 Ways to not get hit by the train in Costa Rica

The train was such a wonderful way of transport for a country like Costa Rica. Costa Rica does not have any heavy industries at all, but for a few agro-industries, so everything is important, which makes the two ports in Costa Rica very important. Driving in Costa Rica is easy to learn without getting scared […]

Motorcycles and you together on the roads of Costa Rica

IVO HENFLING | JULY 31, 2015 In Costa Rica, motorcycles come out of nowhere in traffic. Motorcycle riders in Costa Rica have no respect for traffic laws; double yellow lines and traffic lights are non-existent. They will get right in front of you at the traffic light, zigzag between cars and use the sidewalks for […]

What can happen at the traffic light in Costa Rica?

What can happen at the traffic light in Costa Rica?

Stopping at a traffic light in Costa Rica can bring a lot of surprises, driving is different. A traffic light in Costa Rica creates a surprising business center. A traffic light is a great place to try to sell you something or beg for money. Because there is nowhere to go but wait for the […]

The Costa Rica Vehicle Inspection or RITEVE

The Costa Rica Vehicle Inspection or RITEVE

Those who own a vehicle in Costa Rica should know about RITEVE or the Vehicle Inspection in Costa Rica. Why? You don’t carry a valid RITEVE sticker on the right side of your windshield? Then you are bound to receive a ticket and a traffic inspector can confiscate your license plates. The Riteve sticker, the Marchamo […]

Sidewalks in Costa Rica are different

IVO HENFLING | NOVEMBER 14, 2014 A sidewalk in Costa Rica? What’s that, a sidewalk? Who needs a sidewalk anyway? Costaricans don’t use sidewalks, even if they have one. Costaricans walk on the road, mostly for lack of sidewalks or sidewalks with too many obstacles. A few weeks ago, I wrote about obstacles on the roads of […]

Road Obstacles when driving in Costa Rica

Driving in Costa Rica can be overwhelming when you first arrive. I compare it to driving in Paris, Rome or Madrid, any Latin American city in Europe. It’s mainly the lack of discipline that turns roads into a madhouse, especial at peak hours. We all want to get to our destination as soon as possible, […]