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How to obtain your Costa Rica driver's license when having a residency ID

How to obtain your Costa Rica driver’s license when having a residency ID

Did you know that your driver’s license cannot be used after being in Costa Rica for more than 3 months? Nearly all obstacles to our residency in Costa Rica are in the rear-view mirror except for the matter of getting our Costa Rican driver’s licenses. If you have a current/valid driver’s license from your home […]

When you have a car accident in Costa Rica, easy but time consuming

by guest blogger Paula Kat-Friedman Car accidents are never fun nor are they ever convenient.  One Saturday a couple of months ago my husband was driving through Barrio Mexico, going to a Little Theatre Group rehearsal.  He stopped at a stop sign as required and was thinking about whether he should go straight or turn […]

Driving in Costa Rica is a new experience

How difficult is driving in Costa Rica? The kickback style of Costa Rica’s citizens is reflected in the posted speed limits throughout the country. Remember, I said “posted” speed limits. Sometimes, even I find it hard to drive at 25 km per hour. (I don’t think my car knows how to run smoothly at that […]