Costa Rica Retirement

Use a self-directed IRA to buy a vacation rental long before retirement

Use a self-directed IRA to buy a vacation rental long before retirement You might not be able to retire for another few years. For sure you have the picture of your dream retirement home tucked away in a corner of your mind. Maybe it looks pretty much like the home in this photo? Did you know you use a self-directed IRA to buy a vacation rental? 

Retirement is years away, maybe even decades. You might not realize you can buy your retirement home in Costa Rica when you’re 25 years from retiring. As long as you have enough money saved up, you can buy a vacation rental with a self-directed IRA, long before retirement. 

Now you can get your foot in the door ahead, without even using your savings. There is a tremendous shortage of vacation rentals in certain markets of the Central Valley in Costa Rica. By making a smart investment you can put your self-directed IRA saving to work with ease.  

If you have a self-directed IRA, you can use that to purchase a vacation rental in Costa Rica.  Let me explain.

How to retire for less in Costa Rica and still be happy

How to retire for less in Costa Rica and still be happyYou think you can’t afford to retire abroad? You’ve probably been reading on forums and news sites that Costa Rica has become more expensive than it was before, so you’re afraid you will be able to make that big step. 
You’re not rich and you would like to retire anyway, but can you make it on just your retirement income? Are you on social security and want to retire in Costa Rica? It’s a fact that a lot of people who read the weekly Ivo’s blog are far from being rich and have a retirement income of less than $25,000.
Allow me to introduce you to the people who have a lot of experience in how to retire for less in Costa Rica. They have done so themselves in 2009 and made it their main task in their retirement life to tell everybody about it, every month.
I met Gloria and Paul Yeatman a few years ago on an International Living conference in Cancun – Mexico, where Rudy Matthews and I were promoting retirement in Costa Rica. 

Ever heard of Christopher Howard’s famous Live in Costa Rica tours?


Ever heard of Christopher Howard’s famous Live in Costa Rica tours?Too many property buyers end up running all over the country without having a clue where to purchase a vacation home or retirement home in Costa Rica.

You have heard friends or family talk about how wonderful Costa Rica is and wouldn’t it be great to own a 2nd home or vacation home there? Or imagine buying your retirement home in that exotic country that is only a few hours away from your family?

Unfortunately, many don’t know where to get started and the venture becomes a blur. Imagine dreaming about living in Florida. But where would you buy a home in Florida?

Maybe you’d buy on the South Florida Atlantic Coast or on the North Florida Atlantic Coast?

Or you might think that the Florida Panhandle or the Florida Gulf Coast give you better options?


Costa Rica retirement tours


Costa Rica retirement ToursIf you really think you have the tolerance to move to another country and  even enjoy the ups and downs you will encounter, you’ve just passed STEP ONE of our Costa Rica Retirement Exam. 

Once you have signed up for George Lundquist’s Costa Rica retirement tours, you’ve also passed step two and you’re ready for adventure. George calls his Costa Rica retirement tours “Retire in Costa Rica on Social Security” but it doesn’t matter to him if you bring a lot more money that just your social security, don’t worry. 

What is that adventure all about? Not running scared I hope? Find out now what we have for you on this incredible trip. It’s going to be the best trip you’ve ever made in your life, your due diligence trip for retirement. 


Renting our home as a Costa Rica vacation rental

JOHN DOE | AUGUST 22, 2014

How can you best advertise your Costa Rica vacation rental property?It has been some time since I reported on my experience with buying property in Costa Rica and living there, and I thought it would be useful to give an update.

My wife and I are not yet at the point of retiring fully, but are rapidly approaching that time. Our purchase of property in Costa Rica was a preliminary step in that direction. Since we do not use our property ourselves all that much, our plan was to rent it as a vacation rental, to recover some (or if possible, all) of the costs and our home is located in an area that GoDutch Realty or their affiliates don’t service.

Things started out quite slowly, and it took some time to get registered on rental sites (HomeAway and Tripadvisor, currently). I considered using local real estate agents for sourcing potential tenants, but after checking with them, there did not seem to be much interest. I was not surprised, since our experience when we purchased our property was also that they were not helpful (story for another time).

Tennis outfits in Grecia perfect for active retirement in Costa Rica


Tennis outfits in Grecia perfect for active retirement in Costa RicaWhen showing property with clients a while ago, I saw a couple of tennis rackets and a basket full of tennis balls in the garage of the Grecia home for sale. We were way up in the mountains of Grecia and it didn’t need much imagination to figure out that the property didn’t have its own tennis court unless the owner liked to hit tennis balls into the valley for the fun of it.

Thanks to the owners of that property, I can give you the good news about another great amenity in Grecia: tennis courts. I always thought that the Costa Rica Tennis Club in Sabana, San Jose was the only club with decent tennis courts in the Central Valley, not counting the various country clubs like the Cariari Country Club, the Costa Rica Country Club and the Los Reyes Country Club, which are all membership clubs.

I wasn’t aware that there are quite a few expats who retired in Grecia because they play tennis, the reason for this small blog about it. For those who are looking for an active retirement, living in Grecia can be a great option. If you plan to move to Costa Rica and tennis is your sport, Grecia might possibly be a good choice.

I learned four lessons when we moved to Costa Rica

by guest blogger FloridaTico

A gringo was watching men dig a septic tank drain field in Costa RicaMy good friend Ivo has asked me to relate my retiring to Costa Rica.  I had commented that I found 18 pages typed single spaced of my first 3 months.  From this he asked me to relate some of it because he is constantly trying to inform clients about moving to Costa Rica.  He obviously wants to bring out the good and any negatives.  I often say to people, not to ask me about Costa Rica unless they want to hear me talk all day and into the night, because I love Costa Rica.  

I must qualify this since I now live in Florida, but wanting to return.  How I got there may be of importance since a lot of my first impressions may still be prevalent today.  I went down in 1992 to see a high school friend that had just informed me he was retiring to Costa Rica.  He married a Tica who was a teacher in Lawrence, Kansas.  My wife and I came down Spring break since she was a school principal and that was the earliest we could make it.  We immediately fell in love with virtually everything.  They had rented a home in Cariari which spoiled us from the start.  

Quality assisted living in Costa Rica at reasonable prices

Quality assisted living in Costa Rica at reasonable prices Florida became famous for its retirement communities and Costa Rica will be the next. The first retirement community in Costa Rica is Verdeza is under construction and located in Escazu.

This beautiful community will be fully operational on the 11th of November 2013 and the new residents will be able to move that day. I have done several hard hat tours with clients of mine in recent weeks and I took some pictures, so you can see for yourself how well they are moving ahead on the construction. I am pretty sure they will make their opening’s date as planned.  

Verdeza is a fully bilingual continuing care facility also offering independent living and gives you now the option to retire in a tropical environment with the amenities of a modern city. 

Suggestions on what to do with your free time in Costa Rica

by guestblogger TicoNuevo

Expats meetings in the Central Valley of Costa RicaIf you have arrived in Costa Rica without a job, without a mission or without a business to found, that probably makes you a retiree of whatever age.

If so, you’ll probably find yourself with plenty of free time on your hands.

When you have tired of shopping trips to Escazu, visits to the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, treks through the national forests, reserves, botanical and butterfly gardens, bus trips to San Jose’s museums, or the daily excursions into the countryside, you may decide that you want to be productive, better informed, entertained and/or rewarded with some of your time.

The reality of getting your belongings to Costa Rica

by guestblogger TicoNuevo

Moving your belongings to Costa RicaMoving everything you own after all of the garage sales and donations are completed can still be tricky, especially, 1) if you plan to rent in Costa Rica before you decide to make it permanent your home; and 2) if you live on the West Coast. Let me explain. 

At first, I thought we could save a bundle by renting a storage unit and packing everything we owned into it until we were ready to have it shipped to Costa Rica. That shows just how little detailed info there is to be found on the topic anywhere on the Internet or elsewhere.

The reality is movers are bonded and in order for them to get all of your “stuff” to Costa Rica and through customs, thus fulfilling their bond, they must certify that your load contains no illegal, banned or prohibited items including: illicit drugs, petroleum or petroleum distillates, living plants, automatic weapons, explosives…you get the idea. (You can get a complete list of prohibited items online or from your mover.)