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What is Upe in Costa Rica?

Everyone in Costa Rica knows what upe is. Or uuuuupeeeeeee, when you yell it. If you don’t say upe loud enough, nobody will hear you and they won’t come to the door. Do you want to know what Upe in Costa Rica is? Alf Giebler, in his book “A lo Tico”, says that is means […]

Sidewalks in Costa Rica are different

IVO HENFLING | NOVEMBER 14, 2014 A sidewalk in Costa Rica? What’s that, a sidewalk? Who needs a sidewalk anyway? Costaricans don’t use sidewalks, even if they have one. Costaricans walk on the road, mostly for lack of sidewalks or sidewalks with too many obstacles. A few weeks ago, I wrote about obstacles on the roads of […]