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Prohibition during Easter week in Costa Rica

IVO HENFLING | MARCH 27, 2015 The United States had Prohibition from 1920 – 1933, promoted by a “dry” crusaders movement and led by rural Protestants and social Progressives in the Democratic and Republican parties. 82 Years later, 26 municipalities in Costa Rica still prohibit the sale of liquor in bars, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and  liquor […]

Ticos have flaws, had you noticed?

IVO HENFLING | FEBRUARY 27, 2015 Costaricans, we call e’m Ticos, have a much different mindset than people from first world countries. I don’t mean that negatively, quite the contrary. After having lived in this beautiful country myself for 35 years, I can only agree with many things they do and the way they take decisions. […]

Costa Rica Moving Tips and Guidelines

CHARLOTTE MADISSON | FEBRUARY 4, 2015 There are many reasons for expats to move to Costa Rica, from its unique and beautiful natural appeal, to the rich and diverse cultural heritage and business opportunities. One thing remains constant however and that is that you will need to be properly prepared if you want to make your […]