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Ticos have flaws, had you noticed?

Ticos have flaws, had you noticed?

Have you noticed that Ticos have flaws, just like we all do? But let me show you that they have different flaws than you and I have. Sometimes these flaws are funny. And sometimes they’re quite the opposite. And that’s when you need to keep your cool! Costa Ricans, we call them Ticos, have a […]

Costa Rica Moving Tips and Guidelines

CHARLOTTE MADISSON | FEBRUARY 4, 2015 There are many reasons for expats to move to Costa Rica, from its unique and beautiful natural appeal, to the rich and diverse cultural heritage and business opportunities. One thing remains constant however and that is that you will need to be properly prepared if you want to make your […]

Christopher Howard’s Live in Costa Rica tours

Ever heard of Christopher Howard’s famous Live in Costa Rica tours?

Moving to Costa Rica? Be smart and first take the Christopher Howards famous Live in Costa Rica tours. Too many property buyers end up running all over the country without having a clue where to purchase or rent a vacation home or retirement home in Costa Rica. You have heard friends or family talk about […]