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10 Types of Expats in Costa Rica

10 Types of Expats in Costa Rica

Which type of expats in Costa Rica do you belong to? I saw an interesting survey about types of expats worldwide on InterNations. In 2018, Costa Rica scored # 7 on the best expat destinations. That’s pretty awesome if you see that we’re #7 out of 68 countries. Of course, we all want to see […]

Que Pasa Website Serving Grecia

Free Que Pasa Website Serving Grecia and Sarchi Communities

Que Pasa, the free-membership Grecia & Sarchi community information website started in 2014. This incredibly informative website serves the English-speaking residents and ex-pats who plan to live  Grecia and Sarchi. Debi Gedling, former Que Pasa editor, and co-founder said: “We felt that as a no-cost community information website serving English-speaking residents of greater Grecia and […]

4 Reasons Potential Costa Rica Expats Fail

4 Reasons Potential Costa Rica Expats Fail to Make the Transition

Here’s something to think about: a significant number of all of the expats fail. This mostly happens within their first year in Costa Rica, then they return home. I have some ideas about why this happens, and how to avoid becoming a statistic. I’ll discuss the most prominent reasons that expats fail to make it. […]

Enjoying the Atenas Lifestyle

Enjoying the Atenas Lifestyle – a dream come true

I knew I would enjoy the Atenas lifestyle even before my wife and I started this adventure. In another blog, a couple of weeks ago, I told you who I am and how I ended enjoying the Atenas lifestyle in Costa Rica. Today, I will tell you more about the town of Atenas and more […]

Is Costa Rica paradise or hell

Is Costa Rica paradise or hell

To a lot of people I know, Costa Rica is hell, they tell me all the time: Hell, it’s beautiful here – hell, the food is great here – hell, the women are beautiful here – hell, I’m having a great time, Costa Rica is paradise. Young people and senior citizens alike come here on […]