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The amazing views Grecia properties have

The amazing views Grecia properties have

Did you know you can get amazing views in Grecia? There are many reasons expats want to live in Grecia. The amazing views from Grecia properties is one of those reasons. They’re amazing, those vistas, in case you didn’t know. Vistas mean views in English. In the rural areas of Costa Rica, you’ll hear the word […]

7 reasons to live in El Cajon de Grecia

7 reasons to live in El Cajon de Grecia

Cajón what? El Cajon de Grecia! Few imagine that is the name of one of the nicest communities to live in the Central Valley. It’s close to Grecia, not to be mistaken with Greece in Europe. I know El Cajón de Grecia reasonably well myself because I’ve joined Brooke Bishop, our Grecia agent many times […]

Que Pasa Website Serving Grecia

Free Que Pasa Website Serving Grecia and Sarchi Communities

Que Pasa, the free-membership Grecia & Sarchi community information website started in 2014. This incredibly informative website serves the English-speaking residents and ex-pats who plan to live  Grecia and Sarchi. Debi Gedling, former Que Pasa editor, and co-founder said: “We felt that as a no-cost community information website serving English-speaking residents of greater Grecia and […]

New Grecia home housewarming party

A grand housewarming party of a new home in Grecia

As real estate agents, we have housewarming parties all the time. A month ago, we received an invitation by email from Irina. The invitation said “Jim and I have moved into our house in El Cajón (the one we bought from Joan & Sally). We would like to invite you to come, chat and mingle. […]