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Stand back, I am having a creative moment

Stand back, I am having a creative moment

Do you often have a creative moment, just like I do? If you are a creative person, Costa Rica is probably a good place for you. In fact, you need to be creative to be able to survive. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can make a living by being creative, probably not. Unless you are […]

Ever heard of Christopher Howard’s famous Live in Costa Rica tours?

Ever heard of Christopher Howard’s famous Live in Costa Rica tours?

Moving to Costa Rica? Be smart and first take the Christopher Howards famous Live in Costa Rica tours. Too many property buyers end up running all over the country without having a clue where to purchase or rent a vacation home or retirement home in Costa Rica. You have heard friends or family talk about […]

Movin’ On to our retirement destination

Movin’ On to our retirement destination: Costa Rica

Allow me to show you how we got to the point of looking at Costa Rica as our retirement destination. My story is an introduction to Costa Rica as seen through the eyes of a retiring expat. To briefly recap our decision criteria to find the right retirement destination, I told you about in my […]

Making Retirement Decisions

Making Retirement Decisions before moving to Costa Rica

To make important retirement decisions, we needed to be specific about our criteria. In my introduction, you know that we have decided to make Costa Rica our permanent retirement residence. So, I’d like to show you how made retirement decisions based on a step by step process. Our criteria and circumstances are specific to us. […]

Costa Rica Retirement Dreams

Costa Rica Retirement Dreams | get real

My mom and dad had Costa Rica retirement dreams over 30 years ago. They made them happen. At the time, retiring in Costa Rica was an incredible adventure. Although it still is, times have changed. My mom and dad didn’t buy their home in Costa Rica from a GoDutch Realty agent, because GoDutch Realty didn’t […]