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Prime Escazu real estate for sale and for rent. All the great amenities you can enjoy when living in Escazu.

Escazu Real Estate for Sale | Live in EscazuThe best variety of Escazu real estate like luxury homes for sale, Escazu mansions and Escazu condos for sale on the West side of the Central Valley including locations such as Escazu, Santa Ana, Ciudad Colon and Cariari by GoDutch Realty.

The West side of the Central Valley in Costa Rica has always been the most preferred location by all because of the perfect weather it has to offer and also the high quality of the lifestyle it has to offer to its residents but the main attraction has always been Escazu real estate.

Let me explain why:
Ever since Costa Rica became the Valhalla of retirement for North Americans and Europeans many years ago, the west side of the Central Valley and mainly in Escazu has been the favorite for those who wanted the best climate and accessibility to the most amenities.
Escazu today offers the ambiance that resembles most to what you are used to. It is a mix of tropical colonial life and modern life of developed countries.

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If you want an Escazu home in an area with all the luxuries of today, to have a great social life, you like shopping, want the schools of your children nearby, want them to be near their friends, and you also want to enjoy the fantastic weather of the tropics, Escazu is right for you. Living in Escazu, is for those who are looking for a quality life style, the best location to buy a mansion in Escazu or a nice Escazu luxury home.

If you are looking for a quiet place, you want to be on your own, or for any other reason you want to be away from it all, I should refer you to one of my partners. There are many areas that are sufficiently close to the before described without being in the middle of nowhere like Santa Ana, Cariari and Atenas.

Shopping in EscazuEscazu, the most modern real estate development on the west side of the Central Valley and only minutes away from San Jose is the home to the CIMA hospital, which is the most modern hospital in Costa Rica. The CIMA hospital opened its door in the year 2000 and has never stopped growing.

The hospital offers world class medical treatment with over 150 doctors with more than 60 specialties and most doctors and medical personnel is fully bi-lingual in English -“ Spanish. The hospital is operated by the International Hospital Corporation, headquartered in Dallas. The United States veterans have an office in the lobby. CIMA Hospital in Escazu is the only hospital in Central America that is accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs. There is a special international insurance claims department with a staff to assist Americans.

The benefits of living in Escazu are huge and if you plan to purchase a property in Escazu, you should take advantage of all these benefits.

Let me explain a little bit more about Escazu real estate and Costa Rica real estate in general. It’s one of those little colonial towns that has grown so much that it has become a mix of both worlds. You can find very old adobe houses, beautiful century old churches, farmers on oxcarts and at the same time many strip malls, the most modern Hospital in the country (CIMA hospital), the largest shopping mall (Multiplaza) in Central America and all the bars and restaurants you may wish in a life time. Escazu is also on an educational level the leader; an amazing assortment of private multilingual schools is available, ask your realtor for a list.

The city of Escazu is divided into 3 main areas:

San Rafael de Escazu

San Rafael de Escazu is where it all happens as it’s located in the lower part of Escazu and the most commercial part. The old main street has turned into what we call “the golden mile”, full of stores, restaurants in Escazu (anything from typical Costa Rican places to Tony Roma’s and McDonald’s).

Luxury homes in Escazu

Many new strip malls are being built all over the place by Costa Rica developers. There is the old Paco doll factory that was turned into a shopping mall, the brand new Plaza Los Laureles which offers many fine restaurants and the Boulevard Mall that offers restaurants. 

The area of San Rafael always offers a good choice of condos in Escazu for sale. And if you are looking at luxury homes for sale, you might find your dream home right here as there are a lot of them hidden away in areas like Barrio Maynard, Alto de las Palomas, Trejos Montealegre and some other places that only a good realtor who has a good knowledge of Escazu will know how to find for you. San Rafael is the creme de la creme of Escazu real estate.

Condos in EscazuSan Antonio de Escazu

San Antonio is the quiet area of Escazu. It’s located higher up on the mountain, but it’s only a couple of minutes from the rest of Escazu.

This area is not as developed as the other areas and the rural is mixed with the city. You’ll find mansions in Escazu with shacks as their neighbors. Most condos in Escazu are located in different areas.

Estates in EscazuMost foreigners like living here because of the awesome views that most properties have and the cooler temperatures.

Here, you are not more than 10 minutes driving distance from Multiplaza shopping mall and other amenities like restaurants in Escazu and Santa Ana.

Guachipeli­n de Escazu

Guachipeli­n is the newest and most modern part of Escazu. Filled with strip malls, hotels, the famous MultiPlaza shopping mall, the Cima hospital, the PriceSmart (Costco in U.S.) supermarket and many others, there are also many new residential areas offering new Views in Escazuhomes starting at the $100,000 all the way up to a Million $’s price range.

The famous Multiplaza Mall offers all kinds of shopping, a huge food court, movie theaters and even some fine wining and dining. The old times are gone that you had to shop for weeks to find the right thing, now you have it all whenever you need it. San Rafael offers 5 large grocery stores, a wide range of restaurants in Escazu and all kinds of shopping. The Guachipelin area also has lots of condos in Escazu for sale. There is also an excellent choice of luxury homes for sale.

My recommendation

I recommend having a good look at Escazu if you are looking to buy property in Costa Rica as living in Escazu means quality lifestyle, security, amenities and everything you can ask for when moving to a beautiful country like Costa Rica. If you are looking for a secure location, when you can just shut your door and travel the world, there is no better choice than Escazu condos.Luxury properties in Escazu

If you are looking for privacy, we offer Escazu Mansions and if you are looking for amenities, we have a wide range of apartments in Escazu for sale.The west side of the Central Valley and particularly Escazu, is where most foreigners live, I have given you many of the reasons above.

Since you will find yourself missing friends and family from back home after a while; you wi™ll like the fact that living in Escazu makes it easy to find new friends from all over the world. It will make your life here even more interesting than it was before. Back home you would no™t have the same opportunities to meet so many interesting people.

So, make sure you have the right realtor to show you properties in Escazu.

I offer you 30 years of Costa Rica experience and many years of real estate in Costa Rica with many real estate closings in Escazu as I have been living in Escazu most of my 30 years in Costa Rica.

I am fluent in English, Spanish (my wife is Costa Rican, so we speak Spanish at home) and Dutch. I speak German horribly.

Good luck on your search for the property of your dreams!

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