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Andres Henfling

Escazu & Santa Ana real estate agent

Agent City: Santa Ana
Neighborhood: Santa Ana

Cell Phone: (506) 8897-6091 (dial 011 first from the US) 

About this Agent: Andres was born and raised in Costa Rica and because his father started GoDutch Realty many years ago, real estate is in his blood. Andres also lives in Escazu and has learned to be a real estate agent by doing all the due diligence issues like getting surveys from the Public Register, doing title searches, changing the names of ownership for the public utilities after purchase and also the day to day issues for property management.

Andres likes what he does every day and sells property in Santa Ana and Ciudad Colon. He is a very likeable person and he’ll go out of his way to make you happy.

Andres attends the area of Santa Ana and Brasil de Mora, for any property for sale in that area, please call Andres at (506) 8897-6091 

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Brooke Bishop

Brooke Bishop

Agent City: Naranjo, Grecia, Sarchi
Neighborhood: Naranjo, Grecia, Sarchi

Cell Phone: (506) 8311-5336 (dial 011 first from the US) 

About this Agent: Brooke first came to Costa Rica in 1999 as a volunteer with an organization aimed at reforesting old coffee plantations.

She fell in love with the country and the area. Since she has lived in the Naranjo - Grecia area for many years, she can help you find the perfect climate, and the perfect property in one of these coffee towns.

Brooke is very knowledgeable about listing a property in Grecia and taking very well care of her clients. Brooke goes out of the way to make a real estate deal happen. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

She is happy to help with all of your relocation questions and issues. Please contact Brooke for more information about this area.

Call Brooke Bishop at (506) 8311-5336

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Ivo Henfling

Ivo Henfling

Agent City: Escazu 
Neighborhood: Escazu and Santa Ana

Cell Phone: (506) 8834-4515 (dial 011 first from the US) 

About this Agent: If you are looking to buy a home in Costa Rica or invest in a condo anywhere in the central Valley, or looking for any property for sale in Escazu, you need to call me. I have been selling real estate in Escazu for over 20 years and can show you hundreds of happy buyers of real estate in Escazu and other areas. To me, a deal is not a good deal unless both buyer and seller are happy.

I was born in Holland (so I’m Dutch) and I came to Costa Rica in 1980 looking for new horizons. I have had many businesses over the years and have found out first hand how difficult it is to learn to adapt to a new country with a different language and a different culture. Of course in the 80’s almost no one spoke any English and even less Dutch, so I had to learn the language as soon and as best as I could. Over the years, I have had several businesses: a window cleaning company, fishing boats, a supply delivery company for beach hotels and a spice wholesale company.

After living a few years in this beautiful country, the real estate deals began coming up. Countrymen and friends of all kinds of nationalities, who were transferred or wanted to leave the country, asked me to take care of their properties or help him sell them. In 1997, I decided to sell and shut down all my companies and started working full time in Escazu real estate and founded GoDutch Realty in the same year. Now, with several offices nationwide, GoDutch realty is one of the largest real estate companies in Costa Rica.

This success is based on watching out for our customers, and making sure that all our agents are well trained and offer you the best service available, seriousness and punctuality that all clients deserve. In 1999 I felt that, since we had no MLS here, there was a definite need for real estate agents to work together, so with two other realtor we founded the American European Real estate Group (AE Costa Rica – Easy Properties), which was one of the very first mini MLS services in Costa Rica where you can find properties offered by over 50 real estate agents in Costa Rica, all well trained and living up to the high standards set by the group.

I am fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch. So give me a call or send me an email if you are looking for a trustworthy real estate agent who is a go-getter and enjoys good people, a serious buyer and finding you the right property. Ivo Henfling Telephone (506) 2289-5125 Cell phone 8834-4515 

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Rudy Matthews

Rudy Matthews

Agent City: Central Valley
Neighborhood: Central Valley

Cell Phone: (506) 8839-6961 (dial 011 first from the US) - USA & Canada Toll-Free: 1-888-743-0277

About this Agent: Your GoDutch Realty Home Specialist Rudy Matthews If you do not know what part of Costa Rica you would like to live, I am your man. My name is Rudy Matthews and I am GoDutch Realty’s only agent who is NOT an area specialist. I know a little bit of everything and know how to use the knowledge of each of the GoDutch realty agents to get you where you belong.

For a Central Valley real estate agent, call me, I am the man you’re looking for. For many years, I worked side to side with Christopher Howard, who does retirement tours for Costa Rica and wrote the book the new golden door to retirement. Together, we made many happy customers. Because of my experience making newcomers to Costa Rica comfortable in their new environment and because of my exceptional way of treating those who are looking for a property, a home or condo in Costa Rica where they can retire, GoDutch Realty was more than happy to make me part of their team and I love it.

I am a former Tampa, Florida resident with a vast and varied experience in real estate. Therefore I am GoDutch’s primary Home Specialist for Central Valley real estate and will provide you with an excellent perspective of "Quality Lifestyle Communities". My in depth background in real estate will be very helpful to you in identifying sound and safe opportunities here in Costa Rica. I am a low key consummate professional and many satisfied clients appreciate my straightforwardness and honesty. My stated objective is for clients to have an exceptional buying experience in Costa Rica. Besides the Lifestyle Communities I will show you, there are wide and comprehensive listings readily available to you from GoDutch Realtors and the AE Real Estate Group. No other real estate company can provide such an extensive offer of listings giving you so many options to choose from.

Even though I am your Home Specialist and I work a lot, I always make time for my son enjoying the nature of Costa Rica . I live in Heredia and enjoy the relaxed, uncomplicated lifestyle Costa Rica offers. Call Rudy Matthews at USA & Canada Toll-Free: 1-888-743-0277. Costa Rica cell phone: (506) 8839-6961

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Shell Johanson

Shell Johanson

Agent City: Cariari
Neighborhood: Cariari and Belen

Cell Phone: (506) 8870-8877 (dial 011 first from the US)

About this Agent: Your Belen and Cariari real estate and Golf Properties Specialist Hi, my name is Shell Johanson and I am your real estate agent for the Cariari - Belen real estate. Cariari is famous for the Cariari Country club and its golf course. It would be my pleasure to show you this section of Costa Rica as a wonderful place to live and play. I specialize in Costa Rica golf properties. I was born in Sweden, grew up in Peru, went to college and lived nearly 30 years in Canada and I have lived in Costa Rica since 2001.

My background makes me fluently trilingual and gives me an in-depth knowledge of Costa Rica and the Latin culture. I have lived in the Cariari - Belen area for eight years and know it intimately. I have been a member of the lovely Cariari Golf and Country Club for nearly 15 years and I enjoy playing there as much today as I did the first time. It is a machiavellian Tom Fazio designed 18 holes that will test all your skills as a golfer. Are you looking to play golf in Costa Rica and move to a very nice area, check out Cariari real estate with me, I am sure we will find the right property for you.

I am your Cariari and Los Arcos Real Estate specialist and I know all the homes on the golf course in Cariari for sale, all the restaurants in the Cariari area, I can find you the office space you are looking for in Cariari and San Antonio de Belen and I will help you with your real estate attorney when you buy real estate in Cariari or in Belen through GoDutch Realty. Let me show you around. You can even be my guest for a round of golf. You will quickly understand why this area was selected by the leading newspaper of the country La Nacion as the best place to live in Costa Rica.

I will go the extra mile for all of those who are interested in golf in Costa Rica and buy real estate in Cariari to relocate and who plan to make Cariari their new home. If you are looking to invest in property or looking at property for sale in Cariari, Los Arcos or Belen, give me a call or send me an email now.

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Aad Marian

Agent City: Atenas
Neighborhood: Atenas

Cell Phone: (506) 8997-4192 (dial 011 first from the US)

About this Agent: About this Agent: Marian Veltman lived almost all of her life in The Netherlands in a town close to Amsterdam. Marian was born in Suriname (former Dutch colony) and moved to Holland at the age of 12. In Holland, Marian was working at The Netherlands Cancer Institute. Husband Aad was a Police Inspector for almost 30 years.

Like most people in The Netherlands we speak English, Dutch, German and now also Spanish. We always wanted to live somewhere in the tropics but didn’t know where. In February 2007 we came to Costa Rica for a vacation. We immediately loved the country, the climate and the people. After vacationing for two weeks in Costa Rica, we bought our home in Atenas.

We still are in awe of the Atenas area, the perfect climate, its central location and the lovely town and its surroundings. We went back to Holland to finish our jobs and prepare everything for our move to Costa Rica. On Jan 1st 2008, we realized our dream and moved to Costa Rica permanently. At first we spent our time in painting our house and gardening. After a short while, we began managing one property on our street, which lead to quite a few more. These properties are all situated in the Atenas area.

In addition to property management she also organizes tours throughout Costa Rica for family and friends, under the name Bunki Tours. Marian also makes beautiful glass bead jewelry. We love to work with people and will be happy to help you find the right property for your personal needs - hope to see you in the future.

After high school, she started working in different areas of customer service. In 2005 she traveled to USA and lived in Florida where she worked for six years for Medicaid, alternating with 2 other part time jobs. For Atenas real estate call Marian on her cell phone (506) 8997-4192