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About Us - Godutch Realty

Allow me to introduce ourselves and tell you more about us. We are GoDutch Realty, a leading Costa Rica real estate agency. We sell real estate & help you relocate to Costa Rica.

I started selling Costa Rica real estate in the 80’s, and I still love it!

– Ivo Henfling

Since we formalized our business as GoDutch Realty in 1997, we’ve aimed to simplify the real estate process. With agents serving vibrant communities on the west side of the Central Valley, GoDutch Realty is the only real estate brokerage covering such a large area of the country professionally.

Our agents are location oriented, so they travel less and have more time for advising their clients. Therefore, our clients can always receive expert local assistance when buying or renting property in any location.

We pride ourselves in our thorough knowledge and experience in transacting real estate in Costa Rica and completing the process with ease. Each member of our team is highly educated and experienced within their area of expertise.

Our Mission

Our ongoing mission is to provide the highest level of service to our clients to assist them when buying, selling or renting. We aim to assist you in making the best real estate decision possible based on your needs.

Real Estate Licensing

Real estate licensing is not mandatory in Costa Rica. You’ll find that everybody in Costa Rica thinks he/she is a realtor. You will find taxi drivers, attorneys and builders offer incredible deals on property for sale in Costa Rica. We do insist that you deserve professional attention when making one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. Don’t buy a property from a taxi driver.

West side of the Central Valley

We are a proven resource for real estate on the west side of the Central Valley where we have years of proven track record. Our expertise covers a wide real estate collection in ideal locations for living in Costa Rica, retiring or investing in Costa Rica. We specialize in residential properties. Check for the areas that we cover here.

From coast to coast

Our real estate office in Costa Rica was one of the partners in the American European Real Estate Network, which was the first real MLS Costa Rica. Are you interested in having a look at other areas outside the Central Valley? Then discover Costa Rica here.

Expert agents

Our most prized asset is without a doubt, the agents that make up our team. Our agents are well trained, knowledgeable and experts in the location they cover.

Allow me to introduce you to our team:

Would you like to do business? Then contact us now. We look forward to hearing from you!

Based on 27 reviews.
sally Faulkner
March 27, 2021.
Moving to a country where you don’t speak the language is always stressful. The one thing that drastically reduced that stress was working with Ivo from GoDutch Realty Costa Rica. Ivo was with us every step of the way, not only with all the complicated red tape involved with the purchase, but how to navigate all the complications which we had never even considered. He was available to answer all our questions and point us in the right direction, even helping us get Costa Rican phones, find a lawyer to help with the legal requirements of purchasing land and applying for residency. It can be quite intimidating when your grasp of the language and customs is infinitesimal, but we always knew that Ivo could answer all our questions or point us to someone who could help us. We have our new home and are settled in, but will always consider Ivo a friend. Even now we know that he will answer any questions which pop up because he and the other GoDutch Realty employees are just that kind of people. The best decision we ever made was moving to Costa Rica, the second best would be working with GoDutch.
Jorge Zuniga
March 23, 2021.
Don Ivo es un excelente profesional con muchos años de experiencia capacitado para atender al público de habla hispana y anglosajón. En su portafolio tiene variedad de propiedades y en lo personal puedo decir que es todo un caballero.
Cheryl Ewing
March 23, 2021.
I've known Ivo Henfling for years. He's the best! Always someone you can trust and count on.
Douglass Hatcher
March 22, 2021.
GoDutch Realty was able to sell our house in Escazu despite being in a very difficult market. We were able to close while out of the country thanks to our attorney’s and our agent’s efforts. Highly recommended.
Erik Reinhold
March 21, 2021.
Ivo knows what he is talking about. He has a LOT of experience and is a very realistic realtor who will tell you what the real deal is and will go ALL the way to get the best deal for you.
Dom Porto
March 21, 2021.
Godutch Realty has been there for us over the last 11years, We purchased a home for our residence and two investment properties that were also sold through Godutch. We are very pleased with Ivo and his staff of realtors, who were a part of all our transactions, that included rentals. Ivo also keeps us updated with his blog giving essential info about local laws and taxes which are necessary to know for foreign owners of real estate. THANK YOU IVO
Ethan Kelley
March 21, 2021.
Ivo listened to our needs and was successfully able to find us our piece of paradise.
Carlos Penn Thomas
March 21, 2021.
Evo is the best, he will do whatever is necessary to satisfy his clients.Very knowlegable in every thing Real estate, We have become very good friends with EVO and his wife Dani over the years
Cynthia Mayer
March 20, 2021.
We bought a house through Go Dutch in 2008. Ivo helped us with the compete process and really looked out for our interests. After we moved, he has since been available to help us with many of the ever-changing Costa Rican official government hoops (requirements). We highly recommend his services.