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Helpful links to Relocate and Retire successfully in Costa Rica

14 Relocation Topics with helpful links Costa Rica

Here are on this page, I’ve tried to give you helpful links to relocate successfully to Costa Rica. This information can assist you incredibly when looking for a certain service or assistance.

When you move or retire here, there are a million things you need to think about and a million connections to get everything done. Information about Moving, Living in, Working in, and Retiring in Costa Rica.

Therefore, if you purchase through one of our GoDutch Realty area specialists, our agents will help you with many things. But to make it easier on you, you can do your due diligence before you even come here.

Therefore, we have put this list of helpful links together for you. In other words, here are some helpful links to relocate to find important information about moving to our country, such as Residency, Utilities, Banking, and Employees.

1. Arrive

International Flight Info – arrivals and departures

  • Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) check flight info here.
  • Daniel Oduber Liberia International Airport (LIR) check flight info here.
  • For general information about Daniel Oduber Liberia International Airport, see here.

14 Relocation Topics with helpful links Costa Rica

2. Live legally

Obtain Residency and relocate successfully:

  • Pacheco, Marin & Associados residency lawyers, check for information here.

3. Rent or buy Property

Don’t make any mistakes renting or buying and relocating successfully. Above all, use the GoDutch Realty services for that.

  • Check first with the Central Valley real estate experts before you go elsewhere; check here.
  • Don’t decide on where to live until you’ve done your homework: To learn where to live in Costa Rica in 20 steps, go here.
  • Calculate your closing cost now.
  • Learn more about the Luxury Home Tax here.
  • 40 Smart steps before renting in Costa Rica, go here.
  • For everything that you should know about real estate in Costa Rica, click here.

3. Move Here

Move to paradise with the assistance of the right people and relocate successfully.

14 Relocation Topics with important info on Costa Rica

4. Phones

You will need a phone to relocate successfully:

Learn all you need to know about having a phone here. This article also shows all your options for phone companies.

5. TV

If you like to watch TV, you’re kind of stuck to acquiring a combined TV and Internet package from a Cable company. Only Sky TV doesn’t have internet services, but all the others do. Therefore, you want to compare the following companies:

  • Kölbi – Over 115 channels; check here.
  • Liberty – Over 70 channels; check here.
  • Tele Cable – Check their coverage here.
  • Tigo – 56 channels or more; check here.
  • Super Cable – 80 channels or more here.
  • Claro TV – 60 channels or more here.
  • Sky TV – 189 channels or more here.

6. Internet

After that, you must also learn all you need about Internet Services.

7. Home Inspection

There are not many home inspectors. Here is one with building experience abroad.

8. IRA & 401K

Did you know you can use your IRA or 401(k) to buy a property in our beautiful country? Learn all about this here.

This company can assist you with your property purchase:

9. Mail Services

Wherever you are going to live, the mailman will probably not deliver at home. Learn more about how to get the mail when moving now.

There are a few mail services available in Costa Rica. For instance:

14 Relocation Topics with helpful links Costa Rica

10. Your Pets

We have plenty of stray pets. However, you might want to bring your own:

11. Hospitals

If you’re a legal resident, you can access the CCSS hospitals and Ebais; check here.

We now have quite a few private hospitals. For instance:

In addition, if you need an ambulance, call 911 or read this article.

12. Photography

Any photography that you need- drone – virtual tours. Or use a local photographer to receive you at the airport where you’ll start your new adventure, for example.

For instance:

  • Florian Kuster Photography – check his website
  • Karla Cordero – check her website

You can hire a lawyer to assist you with most of your legal needs. However, here are a few governmental sites that might be useful:

Residency – Immigration – Direccion General de Migracion y Extranjeria go here.

Driver’s License – Validation of Driver’s License based on a Foreign License – click here (use Google translate)

Requirements for New Driver’s License and Renewal – click here.

Homologation Process University/College Degree – click here

14 Relocation Topics with important info on Costa Rica

14. Embassies

Above all, you don’t want to run into trouble. But if that happens, here are a few embassies you might need:

15. Where to Stay

These are trusted places for you to stay while shopping for a property with our clients

I hope you enjoy these Helpful links to relocate to Costa Rica tremendously!

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