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We recommend some Costa Rica real estate attorneys for your property purchases and Costa Rica Immigration and Legal needs.

GoDutch Realty recommends using the right real estate attorneys and lawyers when you move to Costa Rica and when you buy Costa Rica real estate. Costa Rica offers literally thousands of attorneys, but not that many are specialized real estate attorneys. So where do you start? It is really very simple. Do as you have always done back home. Would you have an attorney specializing in family law take care of your Costa Rica real estate transaction or the other way around? Of course, you would not.

So when you purchase a property in Costa Rica, please use a real estate attorney who specializes in Costa Rica real estate, one who speaks English, and one who gives escrow services.

English spoken

In Costa Rica, you will find many lawyers who specialize in aiding foreigners who need services like Costa Rica residency (in its different forms) and Costa Rica real estate transactions. Most speak English of course. Attorneys in general charge as is regulated by their college. Of course, you will always find those that charge less. Those attorneys that are well known and have a well-earned reputation, will not give you any discount. But you can expect a Costa Rica real estate transaction well done.

Money laundering

Money laundering laws in Costa Rica oblige Notaries and attorneys to register their escrow account with the General Superintendent of Financial Institutions (SUGEF). This is the overseeing regulator of banks in Costa Rica, just to make sure their escrow accounts are not used to launder money. Therefore, picking the right attorney for real estate in Costa Rica is very important as you want to use one who offers the services of escrow services in Costa Rica. If not, you will be stuck with the escrow services in Costa Rica of the title companies, and our experience there is very messy and your real estate agent will have a hard time figuring it all out.

Bank finances closings

Even though banks nowadays are not giving any mortgages to non-residents and only to residents, you might want to inform yourself well with your real estate agent if you plan to purchase a property in Costa Rica with bank financing.

The bank will oblige you to use the bank’s real estate attorney in Costa Rica and not your own for the closing. But to be able to get an option to purchase in place (one of the requirements to get the loan), you will need a real estate attorney in Costa Rica who does not work for the bank and you will need one who offers the escrow services in Costa Rica.

On some occasions, it might be necessary to use a trust to own your real estate or when you loan money for a mortgage to someone. In that case, make sure you use the right attorney because you will need a 3rd party you can trust as a trustee. All the attorneys recommended by GoDutch Realty can service you for any trust agreement.

Retirement funds

In case you want to buy your Costa Rica real estate using your 401K, or IRA, you will need the help of a good real estate attorney to set this up with your IRA or 401K custodian. Few Costa Rican attorneys know how this works, so make sure you ask your GoDutch Realty agent to recommend you the right attorney to help you with your due diligence.

GoDutch recommends the following real estate attorneys for your property in Costa Rica and Costa Rica residency needs from many years of working together, all these attorneys and their staff speak English. Of course, that does not mean we will not work well with the attorney you tell us to work with, but we definitely recommend these attorneys below as we have worked with them over and over again. There is no purpose to the order of the recommended attorneys recommended by us.

We’ve split the recommendations into two sections: Real Estate Law and Immigration law.

We recommend

Lic. Roger Petersen – Costa Rica Law

Costa Rica law is your best option if you’re looking for legal advice from real estate attorneys in Costa Rica. The Company is owned and operated by Attorneys Roger Petersen has extensive experience in Real Estate transactions. Let our firm of Real Estate Attorney guide you through your Costa Rica Real Estate venture.

They offer Real Estate Closings, Property Title Searches, Due Diligence, Escrow Accounts, Development Planning, Residential and Commerical Leases, Title Insurance, IRA Investment Property, Real Estate Purchases, Purchase and Sale Agreements, and any matter incidental to your real estate transaction in Costa Rica. Mr. Petersen is fully bilingual in English – Spanish.

Phones +506-2288-2189 and +506-2288-6228


Websites: is your best resource for legal information about Costa Rica. is a great starting point to gather information about Costa Rica which will, in turn, help you make informed decisions if you wish to live, work, or do business in Costa Rica. Check the Legal Topics section for hundreds of articles covering many aspects that you may encounter in Costa Rica. The Costa Rica Fact section has great general information about Costa Rica.

Plaw Group was founded by Attorney Roger A. Petersen. A Costa Rican Attorney with years of experience in Costa Rican real estate transactions and author of the best-selling book “The Legal Guide to Costa Rica”. Attorney Property Services focuses on all matters related to real estate transactions in Costa Rica.

Licda. Alejandra Echeverría Alfaro.

Partner at IBE- INTERLEX BUFETE ECHEVERRIA. The Firm was founded 90  years ago in San José, Costa Rica. Since then it has provided, nationals and foreigners alike, an integral service for their legal needs.

Our fields of service range from Corporate Law, Real Estate, Commercial, Immigration, Relocation Services, Labor, and Dispute Resolution.



Phone:  +506 4035-1400

Lic. Francisco Molinero Hernandez, LandCo® Real Estate Legal Services

LandCo® Real Estate Legal Services knows every real estate transaction is different and every client needs different things. Therefore, from start to finish, LandCo® takes the time to make sure that each client is receiving exactly what they want and what their deal requires.

All LandCo® professionals are licensed and have degrees in Law, Real Estate, Business Administration, and Finance. Our staff is very experienced in the real estate buying process in Costa Rica and knows how to effectively and securely execute real estate transactions. “Quality, not Quantity” is not just a saying at LandCo®, it is a business practice. Our staff dedicates themselves to our clients and provides them with a business relationship that they can trust.

Phone +506-2201-6431

Lic. Adrian Fernandez-Madrigal

Attorney Adrian Fernandez is a partner in Consultoría Jurídica Empresarial CJA/ ABOGADOS.

He practices Commercial Law, Civil Law, Intelectual Property, Corporative and Real Estate.

You can reach him at phones (506) 2280-9692 / 2225-9322, or email him.

Lic. José Juan Sanchez – CR Law. Private Client Law Firm in Jaco Beach. 

CR Law Real Estate Transactions – purchase and sale documents, title verification, property inspection, title insurance, escrow, real estate taxes. Developers – master declarations, zoning, by-laws, condominium, multiple ownership, Financial & Management Trust. Private Law – offshore company formation, corporations, LLCs, Asset Protection Trust, estate planning, and wills. Bank Introductions, Residency, and Immigration

Email: or contact through the website.
Phone: +506 – 2643-2386
Address: Mobile Phone: Cell +506 – 8380-5974
Residencial Jacó Sol #7B, Jacó Beach, Garabito, Puntarenas, Costa Rica 61101.

Lic. Sergio Jimenez and Licda. Giselle Pacheco


Law firm located in Avenida Escazu, Building 202, Suite 305, specialized in providing legal and financial assistance for Company Organization, Real Estate Development, and Condominiums, Trusts, Labor and Family matters, taxation, litigation in civil and commercial law.

A branch of the law firm is located in Pinares, 300 meters West from Walmart.

A Trademark corresponds to the Intellectual Property Department. Members of the International Trademark Association (INTA) and ASIPI.


E-mails: and

Website: click here

Lic. Romulo Pacheco Sibaja – Pacheco, Marin & Associados

Pacheco – Marin is a full-service law firm located in San José, Costa Rica. Residency and retirement in Costa Rica can be your reality and we can help. We specialize in expats looking to live or retire in Costa Rica. Between the two partners, they cover litigation and specializing in corporate, commercial, and business law. Has litigated in all fields of Law, including civil, commercial, agrarian, insurance, banking, finance, government and criminal laws; Subdivisions, and Condominium Law expert.
Specializing in immigration and naturalization procedures. Notary Public with great record specializing in real estate procedures.

Phone: +506-4052-4055

website: click here


Lic. Pablo Arias Gonzalez – Atenas

Attorney Pablo Arias is located in downtown Atenas and serves the Atenas real estate market. He offers notary, contracts, corporations, Costa Rica real estate – land & property, of home rental contracts and home sales contracts, last wills, and testaments.
Call Atenas attorney and Notary:
Telefax: +506-2446-7711 (Atenas)
Mobile: +506-8835-7490

Costa Rica Residency


Immigration and Residency

Did you know you can use the purchase of a property in Costa Rica to acquire legal residency in Costa Rica?

You will need to hire the best attorneys in town if you want to apply for Costa Rican residency. Newcomers usually buy a home in Costa Rica before pursuing residency. To open a bank account in Costa Rica, you will need to be a resident or a citizen. To apply for a mortgage in Costa Rica, you need to have what they call at the bank “roots or a foothold in the country”. You cannot open a bank account without having an address. Therefore, using an escrow account in Costa Rica is much more important than you think. If you buy a house in Costa Rica, how can you pay for it? Renting short-term is a great solution while you get everything else in place.

Costa Rica immigration and Costa Rica residency applications are one of the hardest needs to recommend anyone as over the years many offices giving those services and advertising them on different websites have disappeared on people, after receiving their down payments. It is not so much the money issue. It is the hassle of having to start all over after you have found out that your documents were lost or the Costa Rica immigration attorney you used disappeared. Make sure you check who you are dealing with before you give them any money or your documents.

Real Estate Attorney in Costa RicaChange

Costa Rican immigration will change the rules and regulations again every now and then. Only an expert can keep up with it. If you come from places that are not as simple as they might look, like Trinidad & Tobago, Bermuda, Stalingrad, or Peking, you need to make sure you dedicate some extra time to this issue.

There are a few good Costa Rica immigration attorneys who specialize in this matter. Many attorneys do not want to bother with the Costa Rica immigration and Costa Rica residency for foreigners.

We recommend

Licda. Mónika Valerio De Ford

At ResidencyPuraVida, attorney Mónika Valerio De Ford and Fernando J. Valerio Sánchez provide the legal advice you need to secure your legal status in Costa Rica.

With many years of experience in Immigration, these Attorneys at Law and Notary Publics, are in the best position to advise, guide, and represent you through the process of obtaining your legal status in Costa Rica, making it smooth and stress-free.


Phone: +506 8824-1600

Lic. Romulo Pacheco Sibaja – Bufete Pacheco, Marin & Ass.

Phone: +506-4052-4055

Costa Rica immigration attorney Romulo Pacheco and his partner Luis Guillermo Marí­n are fully bilingual. Check their website for lots of info. Send them an email with all your questions.

Property in Costa RicaYou do need to know that it depends a lot on what your nationality is, how easy it will be on you, and your paperwork to get your legal Costa Rica residency, so arm yourself with patience and make sure you do the right thing.

Do not get ever get mad at the system (or your Costa Rica immigration attorney). You probably do not realize that foreigners in your own country DO have to go through the same things.

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