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Costa Rica Climate, the weather and Costa Rica temperatures when looking at Costa Rica real estate

GoDutch Realty sells real estate in Costa Rica in at least 12 different micro climates within the Central Valley of Costa Rica in different locations like Atenas, Escazu, Grecia, Naranjo, Santa Ana, Sarchi, Cariari and Los Santos. Our real estate agency offers our clients an expert Costa Rica real estate service with agents in many different areas, so you can not only look at the different options you have to purchase or rent Costa Rica real estate. You can also, first hand, find out what those differences in Costa Rica Climate and Costa Rica temperatures are that you hear so many talk about.

Costa Rica has 12 climatic zones; therefore wherever you travel in Costa Rica, you find these different micro-climates in Costa Rica. This is also the reason that Costa Rica offers such a variety in flora and fauna and is able to grow so many different agricultural products and most of all it will give you as a first time buyer of Costa Rica real estate, the opportunity to purchase in an area where you enjoy the Costa Rica temperatures that you choose.

Costa Rica ClimateEvery so many miles, altitudes change, wind changes, topography changes and where in other countries you might have the same weather across the whole country or across the whole state all the time, here in Costa Rica we have differences in temperatures, rainfall, winds and the weather in general (cloudy or not cloudy) with just a couple of miles differences. We have a lot of what we call ‘local’ rainfall. Well, you can sit in the sun and see the rain fall 3 feet away and stay dry at it. The climate in Escazu, I can see the rain fall in San Antonio de Escazu (2 miles south) and climate in Heredia (4 miles north from me) and its cloudy here, but the climate in Santa Ana, 2 miles west from me it’s even sunnier than here.

The temperatures in these places are right now: The temperature in Escazu is 82ºF, San Antonio de Escazu is probably 75º and temperature in Heredia about the same, while the temperature in Santa Ana is 87ºF.

Costa Rica temperaturesThe Average Temperatures in the different locations

* The Temperature in Escazu (the lower parts) generally is around 75 – 80ºF at night and 80 – 85ºF during the daytime.

* The temperature in Santa Ana generally is around 80ºF at night and 85 – 95ºF during the daytime.

* The temperature in Heredia generally is around 65-70ºF at night and 75 ‘ 85ºF during the daytime depending a lot on the altitude that you are. The weather in Heredia, depending again a bit on the altitude in much like San Antonio de Escazu. Both San Antonio and Heredia have more or less the same rainfall.

* The climate in Atenas is very much like it is in Santa Ana, but it depends a bit on the winds and the altitude of where you are. The temperature in Atenas generally is around 80ºF at night and 85 ‘ 95ºF during the daytime. Santa Ana, Atenas and Cariari have more or less the same rainfall.

* The climate in Grecia, in the upper parts, is a bit like the Heredia mountains and San Antonio de Escazu. The temperature in Grecia generally is around 65-70ºF at night and 75 ‘ 85ºF during the daytime depending a lot on the altitude that you are. In San Ramon, the temperatures change tremendously and so does the rainfall.

* The temperature in Naranjo generally is around 75 ‘ 80ºF at night and 80 ‘ 85ºF during the daytime.

* The climate in Los Santos area depends even more on the altitude you are, it an range from 55 ‘ 70ºF at night and 60 – 85ºF during the daytime.

The temperatures do not change much because it rains or because it i’s dry.

weather in Costa RicaRainfall in Costa Rica is also very important. Being Dutch, I moved here because I got sick of the rain all my life. In Costa Rica, we have a dry season from December ‘ May where you won’t see much rainfall. Then, during the rainy season, May- September is normally pretty okay, with some rainfall in Costa Rica in the afternoon. October ‘ November are generally bad. That’s when we try to go on vacation… to other and dryer places. There are charts on rainfall in Costa Rica and you should look at them or at least ask your realtor. Also, when you look at buying Costa Rica real estate, make sure you buy one that drains well. Also, look at your surroundings, the mountain behind the house, the river across the street and many other things. Rainfall in Costa Rica and other weather conditions are more important than title to a property, if it washes away, title doesn’t do you any good.Feel free to go here to read more about this issue.

Democracy is the one of the main reasons so many North Americans and Europeans move to Costa Rica but even more important is the weather in Costa Rica. We have this incredible advantage over most countries in the world: micro-climates in Costa Rica. Costa Rica offers the eternal spring, no matter where you live now. That’s what makes Costa Rica real estate so attractive. You figure out how warm or cold you want the climate to be and we’ll tell you where you should live. Your doctor is sending you here for your health? Ask your GoDutch Realty agents where the best location would be.

micro-climates in Costa RicaWhen you’re from Canada or New York or Chicago, you are used to the cold and you might love the warmer climate of Atenas, Cariari or Santa Ana. You might originally be from New York but moved to Florida and you are sick and tired of the hurricanes, you might like the cooler areas of Escazu, Grecia or Los Santos.

We have these small micro-climates in Costa Rica that makes the weather in Costa Rica in the different areas to be different for you when you’re retiring. It’s your choice. We have reaal estate offices in most of these different locations, to serve you better. But you need to come, see, feel and taste the differences yourself. Your GoDutch Realty area specialists all live in these different areas for their own reasons and they will try to match you as well as we can. I can count the amount of buyers who have gone back for most any reason on two hands in 20 years of real estate. That shows that we have done very well finding the right place to live for our clients and of course helped them to integrate as much as we could, in their new lifestyle. Read here what the rainy season in Los Santos is all about.

Costa Rica real estateWhen researching Costa Rica real estate, pay special attention to the difference in humidity levels in each area you are researching. The following links – maps will give you a pretty good idea about the different areas but they are not exact of course. If you have any questions about the weather in Costa Rica, feel free to ask your GoDutch Realty area Specialist.

You also really need to take into account that the rainy season is what keeps things green in Costa Rica. That’s why most people call the rainy season: the Green Season. You’ll enjoy nature so much more during the green season than during the dry season as every garden, every landscape and every horizon is full of flowers and birdlife.

micro-climates in Costa RicaCheck out these maps (these are not exactly perfect, but better than anything else I’ve been able to find.)

Sunshine maps that show which areas have more and those that have less sunshine.

Rainfall maps that show which areas have more and those that have less rainfall.

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