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Santa Ana in the Central Valley still has the image of a quiet rural village locally famous for the fact that they grow the best onions in the world. It has lately developed into a center for ceramics and pottery. You can find the best condominiums in Santa Ana as well as a large amount of luxury homes and other real estate in Santa Ana.

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Continuing from Escazu westwards on the old road or on the new highway will take you to Santa Ana and Ciudad Colon. Since these towns are only 10 minutes and 15 minutes away from the MultiPlaza Mall, this area is increasingly popular with foreign residents who want to purchase a home, a business or land in Costa Rica.

luxury home in Santa Ana gated community

Santa Ana real estate is amongst the most valuable real estate in Costa Rica and the Central Valley because it is located on the west side of San Jose, just minutes away from Escazu, and right on the new highway to the Central Pacific coast.

Recently, many Florida like strip malls with grocery stores, bars, discos, stores and all kinds of restaurants have been built just outside the old town of Santa Ana, due to the construction of office centers like Forum I and Forum II that cater to the international shopping in Santa Anabusinesses like IBM, KPMG, HP and other multinationals, which made real estate in Santa Ana incredibly valuable. You€’™ll find many gated communities in Santa Ana. Some are in the lower price ranges but also in the luxury home that offer all kind of great amenities.

The climate, which is a little warmer than the next door Escazu, allows the use of swimming pools more than some other locations. Average temperatures run from 70ºF in the cooler months to 90ºF in the warmer months. You’ll find all kinds of bars and restaurants in Santa Ana, like Applebees, Don Fernando, Wendy™s, Taco Bell, Sodia Tapia, KFC and even Indian food and some other exotic places. Besides restaurants in Santa Ana, there is also a good range of grocery stores like Automercado and Megasuper.

The Santa Ana area offers several of the top sites for your real estate in Santa Ana:

Eco-Residencial Villa Real is a development just off the highway as you near the Santa Ana turnoff. Villa Real is a luxury gated community in Santa Ana that offers beautiful luxury homes in Santa Ana, combined with natural surroundings and panoramic Santa Ana sunset views. Many wealthy Ticos and foreigners make their villa, luxury home or mansion here, appreciating the privacy, convenience and security the community offers. Villa Real offers the use of their country club style common areas to their residents, which has a large swimming pool, tennis courts, a basketball court, a clubhouse and plenty of parking. I can offer you different options of homes and luxury homes in Villa Real as well through the MLS in Costa Rica, we always have access to every luxury home for sale in Villa Real.

Mansion with view in Villa RealFor those who enjoy playing golf and like to live on the golf course, Parque Valle del Sol is a luxury gated community in Santa Ana with a golf course in Santa Ana. The spectacular Parque Valle del Sol 18-hole Championship golf course offers fantastic views of the Santa Ana mountains, and stylish infrastructure combine with the security of the gated community to offer the lifestyle that many people come to Costa Rica to enjoy. Parque Valle del Sol is one of the best places for your villa, mansion or luxury homes in Santa Ana. Gated communities in Santa Ana, like Parque Valle del Sol, besides the only public golf course in Costa Rica, also offers several tennis courts. So if you want to live in a luxury home or villa in Parque Valle del Sol, give me a call or contact me now.

Luxury real estate Santa AnaBosques de Lindora and Hacienda Lindora, both gated communities in Santa Ana, Costa Rica are both located just across the road from modern strip malls and an Automercado grocery store that is the leading supermarket chain catering to the U.S. market. Bosques de Lindora and Hacienda Lindora and many other condominiums in Santa Ana and gated communities in Santa Ana cater to a mix of cultures and offer first class security for their residents, high end common areas with swimming pool and tennis courts and first class amenities like underground power, well laid out streets and beautifully landscaped areas.

View properties in Santa Ana Costa RicaIn 2006, the growth of the population of the Central Valley and the Escazu and Santa Ana area and the change in the construction patterns and much higher land values as before, have obliged the developers to create larger gated communities with good quality amenities and better security.

Gated communities in Santa Ana and condominiums in Santa Ana like Villa Real, Parque Valle del Sol, Hacienda Lindora, Bosques de Lindora, La Puerta de Hierro, Oro Sol, Balcones de Santa Ana and other communities with controlled access as Urbanización Río Oro, Hacienda Paraíso, Urbanización Valle El Sol have grown in to the state of the art real estate in Costa Rica you are looking for.

Move to Santa Ana Costa RicaGive me a call or contact me NOW if you are interested in buying luxury homes in Santa Ana, or looking at a mansion or villa in a luxury gated community in Santa Ana. I can offer you the best on the market at the best prices you will find in the Santa Ana area.

I specialize in bargains in Santa Ana real estate and also help those who plan to retire to Costa Rica to find the home or apartment or condo of their dreams.

Apartment in Santa Ana for salePrices of property in Santa Ana in the Central Valley start at more or less $150,000 and go up to the several million dollars.

If you are looking to retire or for a 2nd home in Costa Rica, you’ll have an incredible choice of luxury homes, condominiums, villas and mansions with valley or mountain views and the security of a gated community or without.

Ciudad Colon, out there but oh so close

Ciudad Colon is well known for the fact that it houses the University of Peace, which, sponsored by the United Nations, offers graduate courses in peace studies. The hills on the south side of the Santa Ana area (from Brasil de Mora to Ciudad Colon) are slowly being developed into communities where your home can combine quietness, privacy and stunning panoramic views. These benefits, plus the more affordable land prices and the warmer, dryer climate in Santa Ana and Ciudad Colon offer a life style with everything most people have dreamed of when they think about moving to the tropics. These are the main reasons why many ex-pats have decided to purchase a home, a condo or land or other property in Ciudad Colon.

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Prices of property in Ciudad Colon in the Central Valley start at more or less $150,000 and go up to the several million dollars. If you are looking to retire or for a 2nd home in Costa Rica, you’ll have an incredible choice of luxury homes, condominiums, villas and mansions with valley or mountain views and the security of a gated community or without. Since the opening of the new highway to Caldera, property in Ciudad Colon has gone up in value as the beach areas of the Central Pacific are now only 45 or 60 minutes away from Ciudad Colon.

Live in Ciudad ColonBecause of the quick access to the Escazú area, international schools, commercial development and the Cima Hospital are only minutes away. We think that the variety of life styles in Ciudad Colon offer you the amenities you are looking for in your home.

With continuing growth a given for the area, you will enjoy excellent appreciation on your property in the short term. The fantastic growth makes Santa Ana and Ciudad Colon an ideal option for any business, or for investors wishing to purchase land for development.

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