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Looking at properties in Grecia should be on the top of the list when you plan on moving to Costa Rica and the Central Valley.

Try breathing the clean air in Grecia when you retire.

Are you planning to move to Costa Rica soon and maybe retire to Grecia? If you like living in a small city with no high rises, streets you can still walk, parks you can sit in and air that you can still breathe you wi™ll love living in Grecia and you should consider calling or emailing me so I can show you properties in Grecia for sale. The city of Grecia has many different options for you like building lots in Grecia with views, single family homes in Grecia with a large garden, small farms in perfect locations and most of all, a unique lifestyle that you will love.

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Grecia is the first city you come to on the Pan American after the airport going west toward Puntarenas. Located about 10 minutes off the Pan American highway, it is only 20 minutes from homes in Greciathe International Airport. Grecia is also only 45 minutes to the Central Pacific coast area, Jaco Beach and Hermosa Beach , that offer some of the best surfing and is one of the first beaches you come to when leaving the Central Valley. Located very close to Alajuela, Grecia is growing rapidly and has the amenities to show for it.

The quality of life is one of the things that make this city special in this area. Grecia has been known as the cleanest city in Latin America for three years in a row, and the people who live here are famous for their friendliness. The majority of “œGriegos” are farmers. Sugar is the main crop here, closely followed by coffee, and vegetables. Grecia covers a huge area, it is one of the largest counties in the Central Valley, and has many different altitudes ranging from 2800 ft to 5000 ft. If you sit in the park in front of the famous metal church, live in Greciayou will see farmers gathered talking about the price of sugar, or cabbage, and kids playing and eating ice cream.

It has a very successful outdoor market for fruit and veggies, meat, cheese, and fish. Shopping in Grecia is not as great as in Escazu, where you can find the fancy articles and up to date fashion stores, but it offers all your lesser fancy needs that you will be looking for if you like the laid back lifestyle of living in Grecia. Shopping in Grecia is great and plentyful. There is a hospital right in the property in Greciacenter of town. Grecia is also home to lots of recreational areas for camping, hiking, and picnics.

Because of the large foreign population found in Grecia, there is an excellent selection of properties in Grecia for sale and shopping in Grecia for a nice property is something you will enjoy very much, I will make sure of that. Renovated homes in Grecia, Grecia coffee plantations, as well as high end North American built estates are just some of the properties in Grecia that can be found here. Great opportunities exist for all budgets; you can still get bargain prices for homes and land in Grecia. Home to many national parks and green areas, Grecia is clean living in a perfect climate! Where you can still find building lots in Grecia for real good prices are the higher and cooler parts where you can get incredible views, which combined with real estate in Greciathe friendliness of the locals and the rural Grecia restaurants, make for the best location possible if you are looking for properties in Grecia or beautiful homes in Grecia.

Grecia is the most cosmopolitan of all the small towns west of the Central Valley. Grecia features two malls, each with a movie theatre and various Grecia restaurants. A gym, several internet cafes in Grecia, and an abundance of Grecia restaurants ranging from Steak houses, to Chinese food and of course Tico food in the Grecia restaurants make this an excellent area for socializing. You can also find lots of live music at the various bars in Grecia on the weekends. Artist fairs are found in the park on many weekends. Many move to Greciasocial groups based on ex pats have evolved throughout the last couple of years, so there is a good opportunity to socialize. Bilingual doctors and lawyers abound, this town is very foreigner friendly.

When you are trying to find the perfect lifestyle for you when you are going to retire in Grecia, make sure to give me a call or email me for a tour of the Grecia area. I can show you the best properties in Grecia for sale, including single family homes in Grecia, farms in Grecia, building lots in Grecia, Grecia land for sale and view properties in Grecia.

I invite you sincerely to give me a call or send me an email so I can show you what living in Grecia and buying properties in Grecia is all about, you will love it here.

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